Sick of Turkey

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family on Thursday. Food was great, company fantastic, nothing (really) went amiss. The next morning at 1;30, I started to projectile vomit, and did so every ninety minutes until 6:00 AM. Thus I had the stomach flu that was going around.

It started with my grandson last weekend, then with my son and his wife on Monday. We picked up our grandson on Wednesday so the kids could sleep in and rest up, and all seemed fine on Thursday. Then I had the bug, and it was then passed on to the rest of the family on Saturday. Fun times for all! Actually, my wife didn’t get sick (although who knows what today might bring), and I think her sister didn’t get sick, either (I was quarantined on Friday – saw no one and stayed in bed). Still, a memorable Thanksgiving was had by all.

Today we have an illness-free edition of the podcast, with Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers Band, Chuck Prophet, Steve Wynn, John Prine, Lyle Lovett, the Fall, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Drive-By Truckers, Jason Isbell, and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.

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Just back from vacation in Hilton Head. The word of the week was alligators. We were in Hilton Head previously, ut it was at Christmastime, and it was much colder, so all of the alligators were hibernating.

Not last week. We had an alligator in our back swamp (we named him Beauchamps). We also saw them laying out in the sun as we walked through our complex. When we went to a nature area, we saw signs warning us that we were not allowed to harass or feed the alligators. The Audobon Preserve had one named Big Al – we didn’t see him on our visit.

We had a great time. Lots of walking in nature areas, ate at a lot of great restaurants (most very reasonably priced), and took trips to Savannah and Beaufort. The travel wasn’t bad -I’ve gotten used to wearing masks, so masking at the airport and on the planes wasn’t a burden. We remained safe for the week and had a great time.

Today’s podcast, pre-recorded much earlier, features train songs, with Elvis Presley, Allen Toussaint, the Kinks, the Shangri-La’s, Crazy Horse, Tarheel Sam, Kames Brown, Little Feat, Bob Dylan, Los Lobos, the Johnny Burnette Trio, Marshall Crenshaw, the dB’s, Paul Kelly, and Rank & File.

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In 2020 Kate and I had planned our long-awaited trip to France. I was researching hotels and places to visit (beyond the obvious ones). Something happened to derail those plans – wait, I’m getting old and don’t always remember what happened… anyway, we did not go.

We finally decided that we would take a vacation this year – not to France but somewhere where we could visit friends. That also did not happen, so we arranged a November vacation back to Hilton Head, SC. Surely by November, the world would be getting back to normal. Hmm, I guess not.mOh well. I’m used to wearing masks a lot of my day, anyway.

So we’re in Hilton Head for the week. We’ll visit local attractions, take a day trip to Savannah, GA, and maybe take a day trip to Charleston, SC. I’ve been to both for conferences, but Kate has only visited Savannah for the day, and not even some of the cool places I found when I was there. We will hopefully have fun. We’re fully vaxed nad have even goten the booster shot, so with that and our masks we’ll be well-protected. Unsure whether there are any mask mandates in SC – I don’t think so, but we’ll still mask up in some places when we’re inside. We’re hoping for the best.

Today’s podcast, done way before we left on vacation, features Lower Dens, Charlotte Wessels, Christine & the Queens, Dirty Projectors, the English Beat, Madness, General Public, Fine Young Cannibals, Quantic & Nidia Gongora, Sideral, Celia Cruz, Tome Ze, Redbone, Dr. John, the Meters, and Batty Harris.

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Busy Times

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been very busy lately, and there’s no slowing down (relatively) in November. I attended a conference – in person! – earlier this week, have Board meetings next week along with Veteran’s Day, then am taking an actual vacation the week after that, coming back to have Thanksgiving week. I have lots to do for each of the events, and it’s not like work has slowed down any. In fact, with a retirement in the office, I have added a few tasks that I have to do in the short term.

I hope that I’ll actually be able to relax on the vacation (but I do have one Zoom meeting I need to attend on Monday of the vacation). Isn’t it time for me to slow down? Thanksgiving should be good – I’ll have to make a few sides for the meal, but I’ll get some time with my grandson that weekend – but the rest of the time will be go-go-go. Please let December slow down some.

Today’s podcast reflects some of the go-go spirit of the month, with tunes from the Rolling Stones, the Flamin’ Groovies, Hot Tuna, the Allman Brothers Band, Jason Isbell, My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Mike Nesmith, Stephen Stills, Leon Russell, Al Green, Ann Peebles, and Mavis Staples.

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! The weather’s been bad for trick or treating around here, but should be good tonight. Shouldn’t be too cold, wither, so Batman doesn’t have to wear a winter jacket over his costume.

Let’s focus on some great music in today’s podcast, with Pokey LaFarge, David Crosby, Phoebe Bridgers, the Beatles, Elton John, Neil Young, Stan Ridgeway, Frank Black, Throwing Muses, XTC, the Jam. St. Vincent, and Sharon Van Etten.

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The world circled the sun one more time with me on the planet on Friday. I am now 62 years old. I believe as we get older we are supposed to accumulate wisdom, but I’m out of the wisdom game. I think that I was a lot smarter and wiser when I was younger (and more willing to take risks and do some amazingly stupid things), but I’ve traded that in for stability and a certain amount of dullness. Such is life.

Maybe that’s wisdom – stability and a certain amount of dullness. Behold my new philosophy! Keeps me alive and going, so I’ll celebrate that (albeit in a very low-key, dare I say dull, way).

Music is never dull (well…), at least what I ut on toady’s podcast, so listen to Jesca Hoop, David Byrne & St. Vincent, John Cale, Jethro Tull, David Bowie, Roxy Music, Joe Tex, Johnnie Taylor, Tyrone Davis, Arthur Alexander, Ted Taylor, Aimee Mann, Tim Finn, and Sam Phillips.

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I went to a concert on Thursday night – a real-life concert! It was just like the before times…well, except it took longer to get in the concert because we had to show our vaccination cards, and we had to mask up all night. But other than that – a real-life concert!

We saw St. Vincent in Boston at the Wang Theatre. She was great, and the band was excellent. She featured many songs from her latest album – Daddy’s Home – but threw in some of the older tunes as well.

Not only that, but we are going to another concert next week. It’s going to really be like the before times, except for the vaccine cards and the masks. One has to learn to adapt.

Great podcast today. Songs from Esperanza Spaulding, Xavier Rudd, Tinsley Ellis, the Members, the Distractions, the Buzzcocks, Any Trouble, Cheap Trick, XTC, Julian Cope, Kaleidoscope, the Gosdin Brothers, Michael Hurley, and Delbert McClinton.

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Another Nothing Day

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, or as my wife calls it, another Monday with me around. Such is the life of a retiree. I won’t know what that feels like for 5 more years (not that I’m counting – do you want work days or just all days between now and when I hang ’em up?).

On today’s pod, we go back and listen to Bob Dylan, John Prine, David Crosby, Blood, Sweat & tears, Traffic, the Moody Blues, the Move, the Nazz, Badfinger, Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Solomon Burke, and James Carr.

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A couple of weeks ago someone was talking about how they had planned to finish something in October. “October?” I thought, “why so late in the year?” Then Friday happened, and it’s October 1. “Oh, we are getting to the end of the year.” It’s been another long year, but the end is in sight. It’s October. We’ve had actual fall weather here this week, with some slight warming coming at the end of this week. Oh, well. I love fall weather – crisp, cool mornings, warm beautiful days, and cold nights. It’s the perfect weather for me.

There are many birthdays of friends and family in October, including my birthday. You know what my birthday means – let’s give money to the city and state when I register my cars for the year. Happy birthday, Pat. Please make the check payable to…Does that seem right? What about the random number on the license plate? I should do this in May -my car license plate ends in a 5. Welcome to fall.

Today’s podcast is excellent, with Bruce Springsteen, Robert Gordon, Patti Smith, Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, Family, the Who, the Groundhogs, Samantha Fish, St. Vincent, Florence & the Machine, Spiritualized, Ride, and the Catherine Wheel.

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The little guy was sick this week. He had a slight fever, coughing, runny nose, and the bad mood you get when you’re sick. Not jumping to conclusions, but being level-headed, we thought, “COVID?” After he didn’t shake it after three days, we decided to test him (and keep him home from daycare. This meant another day of having my wife watch him).

Usually, watching him means lots of outdoor time: going to the park where he swings, goes on the slide, and runs around. He loves doing that. He’s very much become an action child. But now that he’s sick, he has to stay indoors. Which he doesn’t like, on top of being cranky from not feeling well. Not a good recipe for being with him.

Results came back negative, so it’s just the bug that’s been going around to compete with COVID. Good to make sure. This is a time to remain vigilant. Kate, Nick, and I have been fine: Lindsay, the little guy’s mom, is now sick with the same thing. We all feel relieved.

Great pod today, with artists Lydia Loveless, Shellyann Orphan, St. Etienne, Donald Fagen, Fleetwood Mac, Stealer’s Wheel, Brenda Holloway, Los Fabulosos Blueshakers, the Cosmic Trip Advisors, Garbage, Kirsty MacColl, Sam Phillips, and Pete Case.

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