Kate and I were babysitting from Thursday through Saturday afternoon. It was exhausting but fun. We have two grandchildren – Owen, 2 years 8 months, and Antonia, aged 5 months. They are very fun but are very active.

The kids were very good and we had a blast looking after them (my son and his wife still have weddings to attend and had a wedding Friday night, so they went down Thursday night for the pre-wedding festivities and came back Saturday afternoon). We were happy to stay with the kids and had lots of fun, but we’re really tired now. One child was exhausting enough – how do they do it with two, even with one that’s not really mobile yet? And what happens once she starts moving about on her own? I guess we’ll just have to find out.

The podcast continues with a set from these artists: David Bowie, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Pretty Things, Elvis Costello, the Blasters, Elmore James, Bo Diddley, Jimmy Reed, the Chordettes, the Association, the Everly Brothers, the Beach Boys, the Mamas and the Papas, Ibibio Sound Machine, Seratones, Nilfer Yanya, and the Weather Station.

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