Yesterday was my birthday. When I was young my birthday was a big deal for me, but as I’ve gotten older the passing of time with markers has become less important to me. Still, it’s becoming an achievement to hit some of these markers (I am 21…times 3).

So I’d like to thank everyone who sent me well wishes for my birthday yesterday. I’m not on Facebook that often and will miss birthdays, but I should try to be more aware when friends are having birthdays – the little acknowledgments mean a lot to me.

Great music on today’s podcast, with Cold Blood, Janis Joplin, Sam Samudio, the Bees, the Call, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Lucinda Williams, Evie Sands, Samantha Fish, Geoff & Maria Muldaur, the Waterboys, Echo & the Bunnymen, and Big Audio Dynamite.

Please go to to stream or download or download the podcast Thank you for tuning in.






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