The little guy was sick this week. He had a slight fever, coughing, runny nose, and the bad mood you get when you’re sick. Not jumping to conclusions, but being level-headed, we thought, “COVID?” After he didn’t shake it after three days, we decided to test him (and keep him home from daycare. This meant another day of having my wife watch him).

Usually, watching him means lots of outdoor time: going to the park where he swings, goes on the slide, and runs around. He loves doing that. He’s very much become an action child. But now that he’s sick, he has to stay indoors. Which he doesn’t like, on top of being cranky from not feeling well. Not a good recipe for being with him.

Results came back negative, so it’s just the bug that’s been going around to compete with COVID. Good to make sure. This is a time to remain vigilant. Kate, Nick, and I have been fine: Lindsay, the little guy’s mom, is now sick with the same thing. We all feel relieved.

Great pod today, with artists Lydia Loveless, Shellyann Orphan, St. Etienne, Donald Fagen, Fleetwood Mac, Stealer’s Wheel, Brenda Holloway, Los Fabulosos Blueshakers, the Cosmic Trip Advisors, Garbage, Kirsty MacColl, Sam Phillips, and Pete Case.

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Best Laid Plans

Busy day today. No time to do anything except present podcast, which features The Everly Brothers, Tom T. Hall, George Jones, the Flying Burrito Brothers, the Jayhawks, the Bats, the Rolling Stones, Bead Game, Love, the Hushtones, Morcheeba, Hooverphonic, Hamell on Trial, the Fall, and Gang of Four.

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I’m usually far more prepared for my weekly scribbling, but I’m just behind today. I’m exhausted by everything going on at work, at home, and globally. Remembering 9/11 isn’t all that fun. We had friends in NYC and it took days to hear whether they were all right, and we heard that in a roundabout way. Thankfully everyone we knew was ok.

I’m praised at work for my calm demeanor, but maybe I shouldn’t be so calm all the time. The only time I let loose is in the car when I see bad driving and I comment on it loudly. My wife tells me I need to stop doing that when she’s in the car with me. It’s a hard habit to break. Things that are happening around us are starting to upset me more every day. I must stay calm and find an appropriate outlet to vent. Time to drive around a bit.

And when I’m in the car I listen to music. Doesn’t always help, but I drive with artists like in today’s podcast, which includes Tim Buckley, Beck, Paul Weller, Rickie Lee Jones, Ocean Colour Scene, David Byrne, Norah Jones, Jesca Hoop, Lee Dorsey, Sharon Jones, Flo & Eddie, the Monkees, Lou Ann Barton, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, and Roomful of Blues. Please go to to stream or download or download the podcast Thank you for tuning in.

Labor Day

When is Labor Day? In the U.S. and Canada, it’s the first Monday in September. For most of Europe, it’s May 1. It’s not May 1 in the U.S. for reasons that you can probably guess. Yes, we celebrate it later because we don’t want to strengthen socialist (and anarchist) movements by associating it with the growing labor movement (said to have its roots with the American Federation of Labor’s successful push for 8 hour days in 1882).

Anyway, now it’s known as the end of summer weekend. For labor, it used to mean double-time and a half (we had to move the family reunion to Sunday for fear of not having two uncles who worked at the mill absent. We had to postpone to Monday a couple of times due to bad weather and Stan and Johnny wouldn’t be there).

Hope everyone has a good Labor Day weekend. Kate and I are babysitting while Nick and Lindsay go off to a wedding in the Chicago area. You know we’re having fun.

This week’s podcast has some great tunes to listen to while at a party. So listento Bananarama, T. Rex, Enuff Z’ Nnuff, Redd Kriss, Robert Cray, Taj Mahal, Otis Spann, Eddie Boyd, Allison Russell, Minnie Ripperton, Patrice Rushen, Brenda Russell, The Who, and Led Zeppelin.

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