The little guy was sick this week. He had a slight fever, coughing, runny nose, and the bad mood you get when you’re sick. Not jumping to conclusions, but being level-headed, we thought, “COVID?” After he didn’t shake it after three days, we decided to test him (and keep him home from daycare. This meant another day of having my wife watch him).

Usually, watching him means lots of outdoor time: going to the park where he swings, goes on the slide, and runs around. He loves doing that. He’s very much become an action child. But now that he’s sick, he has to stay indoors. Which he doesn’t like, on top of being cranky from not feeling well. Not a good recipe for being with him.

Results came back negative, so it’s just the bug that’s been going around to compete with COVID. Good to make sure. This is a time to remain vigilant. Kate, Nick, and I have been fine: Lindsay, the little guy’s mom, is now sick with the same thing. We all feel relieved.

Great pod today, with artists Lydia Loveless, Shellyann Orphan, St. Etienne, Donald Fagen, Fleetwood Mac, Stealer’s Wheel, Brenda Holloway, Los Fabulosos Blueshakers, the Cosmic Trip Advisors, Garbage, Kirsty MacColl, Sam Phillips, and Pete Case.

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