I saw an article or post or something that aid “Say hi to an extrovert,” meaning extroverts have it harder to deal with staying in than introverts during the Coronavirus. It’s probably true. I’m an introvert, and although it still has its drawbacks, I feel well-suited to stay home and stay socially distant.

I also know extroverts who are going nuts right now – they’re still following the guidelines but miss seeing and talking to people so much. They’re very vocal about not seeing others, while we introverts just keep plugging along.

I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs profile on multiple occasions – I would have slotted myself more as an extrovert (I know that’s not really true, but play along), but I was an introvert – a strong introvert. I’ve come out of the test as an INTJ (once an INTP, but the J/P split was the weakest). I just saw that INTJ is one of the rarest classifications, but seems normal to me. How have y’all done?

One thing that an introvert does is make music lists, so here’s this week’s podcast, with introverts and extroverts like The Ramones, the Bobby Fuller Four, the Primary 5, Lou Reed, Blancmange, Thomas Dolby, Howard Jones, the Dream Syndicate, Kendra Smith, Holly Golightly, the Jaynettes, Single Bullet Theory, Tracey Ullman, and Hazel Smith.

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