Old Man

I generally don’t feel like I’m getting old. Sure, with arthritis in the left knee I can have a slight limp after I sit for a while, but overall I still feel good. But, a week ago I went off to fetch something down the hill at my house, and it was still very slippery, so I took a fall. An old man fall. I landed on my left elbow, which sent pain through my shoulder. The pain only lasted a day or so, then went away as most pain does for me.

Yesterday I was doing some work in the basement, slinging boxes around and cleaning up, when I wrenched my left shoulder again, and the pain returned. Not the slight pain I feel sometimes when I aggravate an old injury, but the full pain came right back, and now it hurts whenever I move my arm, which I do on a regular basis. I wasn’t aware how much I moved my left arm, and even trying to limit how much I use it, it moves a lot.

I don’t think the pain means that there is anything structurally wrong – it’s just a slight pull, so I won’t be checking in with the doctor, who’d only tell me to take the Advil that I’m already taking (if there is any relief, it’s slight). It’ll be fine, it’s just that I wonder if these nagging little injuries that I shrugged off when younger is a sign of the body not healing as quickly as it used to. Welcome to old age (former) young man.

Let’s rely on the healing power of music. The tunes I chose for today do have healing properties, with Cassandra Wilson, Little Milton, Led Zeppelin, Diana Ross, Morcheeba, Hooverphonic, Letters to Cleo, Veruca Salt, Luscious Jackson, the Breeders, Earl KIng with Roomful of Blues, and Van Morrison.

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