September Podcast

Hello and welcome to the newest edition of the PB Podcast. Although our summer, overall, was nice, early September has been hot. There was a break last night that will hopefully continue, improving our September. The podcast this week is typically all over the place. We start with solo Frank Black, then we move to Sun Volt, Nick Cave and the Housemartins. Then we have a Nirvana-ish set before going way back to the 60’s and 70’s to finish the pod this week (that’s 40+ years ago – time flies…).

Please remember to comment, leave suggestions and tell others about the podcast. Thank you and enjoy.

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End of Summer Podcast

I never had a problem with going back to school – it was a place that I could see my friends on a regular basis. Living in the country I was cut off from many of my friends in the summer – parents weren’t interested in dropping us off at a friend’s house (none of the houses were on the way to anywhere). Until I didn’t like school. I graduated from college a semester early because I was done with going to school. The thought of continuing on to get a law degree was put on hold – I actually had lined up a graduate assistant gig, but backed out when I decided that I was done for school and decided to work part-time for a year (well, decision was made for me).

Anyway, here’s the new podcast. We start with Buffalo Tom, then new band Kan Wakan that slides into the Monkees and Nilsson. Later we listen to the Black Keys, John Foxx, Kate Bush (oh, to see her in London right now)and others, leading to An Aretha ending. Remember to leave comments and tel others about the podcast. Enjoy!

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Post-Vacation Podcast

Hello and welcome to the newest PB Podcast. I’m just back from vacation – it was very nice. We spent 3 days in Bar Harbor, Maine with my son and his girlfriend. The weather was great and we had a great time.

On today’s podcast, we start off by going to Cool Places with Sparks, and spend time with books, getting dirty with Lulu, Crazy Horse and others, and then clean with Bruce Wooley and more.

Please comment on the podcast and be sure to tell others to tune in. Enjoy!

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Podcast for August 17

Hello and welcome to another edition of the PB Podcast. On today’s show we travel back to the late 1940’s and also feature songs from 2011 and years in-between. Garland Jeffreys talks about John Lee Hooker, so naturally we have to hear John Lee, then follow up with Dr. John. We’ll also have some jazz and a folk set before heading back to 1980 for a couple of tunes and end in 2011 with My Morning Jacket.


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August 10 Podcast

Sunday already? Where did the week go? This has been the quickest week I can remember, as it’s time for the newest PB Podcast. Today’s show has more fantastic songs as I raided the original podcasts (since deleted) for some of their tunes.

We start with Graham Parker and slide into Gil Scott-Heron to start the show, then add songs by Lloyd Cole, Wanda Jackson, Ray Charles and more. Hope you enjoy the latest edition of the PB Podcast.

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Jazzcast 3: Vocals

Hello and welcome to a special edition of the PB Podcast – the Jazzcast. On this edition of the jazzcast I focus on jazz vocalists. The main focus of this jazzcast is classic jazz vocalists – you’ll recognize many of the names from Lena to Ella to Nat King Cole and Mel Torme. The last set has more contemporary vocalists, but the style is generally classic.

I wasn’t a big fan of jazz vocalists when I first started listening to jazz, but through the years I started appreciating what vocalists could do in the jazz idiom, and I started listening more closely to singers. I have stayed away (Mostly) from the lush instrumentalism that I find in much of the vocalist oeuvre – I’ve never been a huge fan of strings to accompany singers (or other jazz players – Charlie Parker with strings? – pass). Most of the songs here are done with stripped down bands – the trio of songs with Clifford Brown are amazing.

So, sit back and enjoy this podcast of great singing. Thank you.

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August’s New Podcast

Hello and welcome to this week’s podcast. Lots of favorite songs in this ‘cast. I packed this with some of my all-time favorites, starting with Go-Betweens and Beth Orton. Lots of Brian Eno – a song, and then the bed in-between sets. Includes a few long-forgotten (but not by me) great tunes by Winter Hours, The Clique and Pylon. I even throw in a Beatles tune. Enjoy.

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Links Post

Hi there. I thought that I’d share a couple of links with you from things I’ve read on the interwebs. They are worthwhile reads.

1. The New Yorker has a great article called Wrong Answer that has to do with the recent cheating scandal in the Atlanta school system. Even if you know the basics of the scandal, this article humanizes the problems.

2. Vox has a good piece called Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless. I’m an INTJ – sometimes an INTP – the final has always been my weakest score. I always thought that it was a bit facile, even if it did a pretty good job of defining me.

3. Another New Yorker article, What we really taste when we drink wine. I like wine, but ‘m not sure how well I’d do in blind tests. I’m not as much of a snob as others would suggest.

4. Finally, on TNW is an article called Why we crave human-curated playlists. Don’t know why that happened to strike me, other than my belief that it is true. Maybe I didn’t give Pandora enough of a chance. Oh, and have you listened to my latest human-curated podcast?

Podcast Special – 2014 releases

Hello and welcome to this special edition of the PB Podcast. Today’s podcast looks at the first 6 months of the year as I play some of my favorite releases from 2014. I’ve read and listened to other 1/2 year wrap-ups, and while I occasionally see one of the releases that I love, I haven’t seen all of them – this is my corrective.

So, sit back and listen to an hour’s worth of great music from Real Estate, Beck the War on Drugs, Sharon Jones, Rosanne Cash and many others as I play some of the best music from the first half of 2014.

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