The “In” Crowd

“We got our own way of talking” on today’s PB Podcast. Don’t want to give away the ending (Spoiler alert) but we’ve got some great tunes on this week’s podcast. “If it’s square we ain’t there” begins with a set of Bob Dylan covers, then we head to the 1960’s with The Left Bake and Small Faces, get more contemporary with Caribou, and many songs on-between. And the ending – “I’ll show you a real good time, Come on with me and leave your troubles behind”?

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October Links Post

Hey all —

Some links to recent favorite articles. A couple of music articles and a couple of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. It’s how the world works.

From the Wall Street Journal: SAT Scores and Income Inequality. No one is surprised by this, I’m guessing. Mo’ money = better opportunities for education at the least, let alone exposure to culture, nutrition, etc.

The New York Times has an article on The Great Wage Slowdown of the 21st Century. Oh, there’s been wage growth – guess who’s benefited.

The New York Times also has an article on Japan and their music buying tendencies. They’re resistant to MP3’s as a major source of buying music. How quaint.

Finally, an article from McSweeney’s reveals What Your Favorite CLassic Rock Band Says About You . I used to be the Canned Heat fan. Enjoy.

A Hot One

Hello and welcome to today’s PB Podcast. Today’s podcast starts with a tune from the War on Drugs from their most recent album – a favorite of mine in 2014. “Burning” is one of the excellent songs from the record. So I thought, Why not look at songs that have Fire in them to complete the set?” Turns out that there are lots of “Fire” songs, so the whole podcast is made up of Fire songs (without the Doors, although there is a fire/pyre song in the set).

So heat up with this latest edition of the PB Podcast. Remember to check all the podcasts at, and leave comments and suggestions. I did an extra podcast last Wednesday based on a suggestion. Also, if you enjoy the podcast encourage others to tune in. Enjoy.

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Blues on a Rainy Afternoon

Hello and welcome to a special edition of the PB Podcast. I had a request for a Blues for a Rainy Afternoon podcast, and I am happy to oblige. I’ve been looking to add a blues podcast, and this is the easiest way to do it.

The problem with the blues (at least from most of my collection) is that the blues can be a very male, macho form of music that does not lend itself to a “rainy afternoon” feeling. But there are artists who do fit, and I put them in here. Bobby Blue Bland, Charles Brown, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy and Paul Butterfield are among the artists highlighted here. The final set isn’t strictly blues, but is definitely steeped in the blues. I hope you enjoy this special podcast.

Remember, this was brought about by a suggestion from a listener – please leave comments and make other suggestions of music you would like to hear at

Thank you for listening.

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Final September Podcast

Thank you and welcome to the latest edition of the PB Podcast. On today’s show, we start with a band you may have heard of – The Beatles. You’ll also hear the Who, David Bowie,Prince and the Pretenders (for recognizable bands). Also, Graham Parker, Richard Thompson and many more.

Remember to leave comments and suggestions – I’ve got a podcast coming later this week that is a result of a suggestions made. And tell others about the podcast – the more listeners the better. Thank you for listening to the PB Podcast – enjoy.

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New Jazz Podcast

Time for another special edition of the PB Podcast. I called this one “I understand there’s something called rock ‘n’ roll music” podcast because most of these songs have a large rock influence. I first got into jazz music via fusion – I was strictly a rock guy growing up, but as a freshman I heard Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters album with Chameleon, and I was hooked. From there I got into Miles Davis: first his fusion records, then his previous stuff. I also started playing jazz in high school with our high school jazz band, and started getting into big band jazz as well. My love for jazz has never waned.

So this podcast does have Herbie Hancock, albeit a cut from the Fat Albert Rotunda album. Herbie Mann, Jack McDuff and Gary Burton also show up. The oddest cut might be the Buddy Rich selection, but it just shows that he stayed in touch with all sorts of music. The guitarist on Big Mac is great.

The final set has the Hot Club of Detroit, Jan Garbarek (a stretch of the rock influence) and Bobby Sanabria, who does the Grand Wazoo – I heard him on NPR when this came out, and he talked about the influence Frank Zappa had on his music.

So enjoy this special edition of the podcast – I’m sure that there’ll be more to come this fall.

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Back from Savannah

And boy, was it hot and humid there. Annual conference time, and I was in Savannah for most of the week. High 80’s (both temperature and humidity). I like the cold of the Northeast. Glad to be back.

Today’s podcast starts with a 2014 release by Robyn Hitchcock, jumps back to a tune by Nazz, and keeps rocking back and forth between the 1960’s and today. Thanks for dropping by the podcast – remember that I like comments and suggestions. Enjoy.

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Solar Flares Podcast

Solar Flare activity was supposed to result in an Aurora Borealis that could be seen all over. Saturday night was cloudy, but Friday was clear, and I did not see it then. The last time I saw it really well was back in 1978. When I was much younger I’d see it more often (I lived in far Northern Maine).

We start today’s podcast “Stuck” with some soul, the a Blues-y set, After getting a little history of World Party we end with a set lamenting the wage problem in the U.S. and in Britain. Enjoy.

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Links for today


I have a couple of new links for y’all.

First up is something I found on Esquire (I read Charlie Pierce’s blog, and saw this on the side). 10 Albums every record collector should have on vinyl. I have 6 of 10 on vinyl, and the rest on CD or MP3.

The second is a website called Bop and Beyond, which is a jazz blog that is highlighting BLue Note’s 75th anniversary with great jams from Blue Note records. He highlights a lot of great music that you should think about getting.

Finally, an article from a sie called The Reformed Broker: How Corporate Share Buybacks Are Destroying America, which highlights an article in the Harvard Business Review, which you can start to read, but I believe the entire article is behind their paywall.