Too Nice

It’s too nice to be sitting around and writing today. Let’s just enjoy the day (I hope the weather is beautiful everywhere today). So on today’s pod, we mess around with the Call, the Connells, the Fixx, INXS, Jethro Tull, Family, Ten Years After, Led Zeppelin, Alex Little & the Suspicious Minds, the Get Up Kids, Superchunk, T. Rex, David Bowie, and Roxy Music.

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AM 1971

Continuing with the year 1971, this set is a bunch of songs that were on the Billboard 100 during the year, presented semi-1971 style. I don’t speak in-between or over the songs, but they’re just presented without a thought of any semblance of order. Just like 1971. You’d hear a country song followed by a soul tune. Why not? BTW, there’s a book out called the Heartaches by the Numbers: Country Music’s 500 Greatest Singles. I put this together before hearing about the book, but the #1 single according to the book is the next to last song played in this podcast.

So think back to a simpler time and listen to Badfinger, Tom Jones, Brewer & Shipley, Five Man Electrical Band, Ringo Starr, Jerry Reed, Three Dog Night, the Undisputed Truth, the Grass Roots, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Tommy James, the Fortunes, Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose, the Bee Gees, Paul McCartney, Sammi Smith, and Cat Stevens.

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Old Age

In he before time I was thinking about changes that I was going through as I was getting older. To me it was very gradual – I didn’t really feel any effects of getting older until the cartilage in my left knee went away. Then I started to feel old. I couldn’t run anymore, and getting up and down stairs was no longer easy. I used to bound up and down the stairs, then the pain took over and I slowed way up.

After the knee replacement, I am pretty much back to my old ways. The replacement couldn’t have been any easier, and everything is pretty much normal. Overall, I’m not sure that I feel all that differently than when I was younger. I think that’s got to be normal, right? Since any decline is usually gradual, we don’t see how much we might have changed physically through the years. Sure, my hair is white, I need ever-thickening lenses in my glasses to see clearly, but I don’t feel like I’m old. Does everyone agree with that assessment, or am I fooling myself?

Today’s podcast concentrates on older music (I listen to the music of my youth to stay young). So on today’s podcast, we can listen to Too Much Joy, Bruce Springsteen, Thin Lizzy, Kate Bush, Siouxsie & the Banshees, New Order, the Go-Go’s, XTC, World Party, Sinead O’Connor, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Small Faces.

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Memorial Day

Starting after the Civil War, Memorial Day was founded to honor soldiers who died serving their country here in the United States. Let us honor these soldiers – remember them at your cookout this weekend.

Today’s podcast includes some new music as well as some soul music from the 1970’s, so listen to Paul Weller, the Bees, Cornershop, Beck, St. Vincent, Anna Calvi, P.J. Harvey, the Easybeats, the Pretty Things, the Yardbirds, the Creation, the Who, Hollywood Fantasy, the 9th Creation, and Blood Orange.

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We’re on dogsitting duty today. The dogs we’re sitting don’t like being alone all day, so we’re going over to comfort them (and feed them). They’re the type of dogs that could not have food sitting around. Both of the dogs we owned could have food sitting in their bowls all day, but these two will eat everything seconds after the food bowl is put down.

Still, they’re good dogs. One’s a kindly yellow lab, mostly calm (except at feeding time), and one’s a nasty chihuahua that really bonded with me early on, and is generally good when I’m around (the barking at people and general nastiness around others I don’t like, though).

What’s your Sunday like? Hope you’ll be able to enjoy the day. It’s lovely around here. Why not spend some time listening to today’s podcast, which features the James Hunter Six, Jimmie Vaughan, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Roomful of Blues, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Angelique Kidjo, Grace Jones, Nervous Eaters, the Pretenders, the Cars, the Rings, 10cc, Barracuda, and Mungo Jerry.

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The weather around here is changing over to summer-like conditions. We’re now hitting temperatures in the 70’s through the week. That’s nice. I hope that doesn’t mean that when we are in July and August that temperatures will continue to climb. I like temps in the 70’s – don’t you?

Looks like we’re going to open up – the CDC is relaxing the mask mandate “for those who are fully vaccinated.” We’ll see how that goes, but it’s a hopeful sign that we can return to whatever it is that is considered normal these days. Stay safe, though.

Lots of great music today on the podcast, so take some time and listen to Vigil, Joe Jackson, the Swingers. Hoodoo Gurus, Sloan, Teenage Fanclub, Sugar, the Guess Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Buffalo Springfield, Mickey Dolenz, Caravan, John Cale, and Roxy Music.

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Soul 1971

“Do you like good music? That sweet soul music…” 1971 had some great soul music in addition to all of the other great music available to hear on your AM radio. It was still a time when all styles were played on the radio one after another. It didn’t take much to hear a rock song, then country, then soul, then pop, and back to rock. My friend Greg said that because of that he had wide interests in music, as have I. In 1971, soul music was reaching an apex, which you can hear in today’s podcast.

So let’s go back and really listen to music from Jean Knight, Aretha Franklin, Joe Tex, Funkadelic, the Jackson 5, the Temptations, the Chi-Lites, the Stylistics, the Persuaders, Sly & the Family Stone, Bill Withers, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and War.

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day. First celebrated in 1907 as a religious observance. Woodrow Wilson proclaimed it a national holiday in 1914. Quickly taken over by Hallmark cards and florists in the 1920s. Interesting Wikipedia read. I think the day has become too commercialized, but it’s nice to give a shout-out to the moms. Here in America, it’s a pre-Memorial Day warm-up. We’ll be having a cookout today to celebrate. Enjoy.

Mother’s Day is early, so I didn’t think about Mother’s Day when putting together the podcast. The artists all have mothers they love, I’m sure. So listen to Classix Nouveau, Gary Numan, Ultravox, Duran Duran, Aloe Blacc, Raphael Saadiq, Al Green, Sharon Van Etten, Holly Golightly, St. Vincent, the New Pornographers, Christine perfect, Van Morrison, and Neil Young. Please go to to stream or download or download the podcast Thank you for tuning in.

Better Days Ahead

Don’t have much for today. Auto-correct is anticipating what I want to say pretty well this morning, so I’m definitely in cliche land. Hope all’s well with everyone, and that May will be a great month. Fully vaxed and two weeks out and we’re feeling much better about things.

Today’s podcast is another one thrown together without much to tie the sets together – shows my mind at the moment, first quiet, then a bit louder. So please enjoy Holly Golightly, the Ettes, the Liminanas, April March, Norah Jones, Valerie June, Melody Gardot, the Golden Palominos, Roland Orzabal, Garland Jeffrey’s, the Power Station, Cosby, Stills &Nash, the City, Bonnie Raitt, and Jude Sill.

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The Year is 1971

I have a book that purports to have “The 100 Best Rock ‘n’ Roll Records of All Time” by Jimmy Guterman. Not sure that I agree with him on all of his choices, but he makes compelling arguments for them. Most are among the best of all time, so there’s something to the list.

And while I can’t say that it is the best album of all time, Rod Stewart’s “Every Picture Tells a Story” comes in at #1. It’s certainly great, and I’ve played it these last 50 years. Yes, 1971 was 50 years ago, and I’ve had the album since it was out. Rod has originals (like “Maggie May” and the title song), judicious covers (Dylan, Motown) all perfectly sequenced.

In looking at the music of 1971, it seems to me that it’s the last gasp for that particular type of music. AM radio still played singles from albums, but albums were becoming more of their own form than just a bunch of songs thrown together. All styles were played on the radio, so rock, soul, and country could all be played back to back without it seeming to be too weird.

The result was another great year for music. Today’s podcast focuses on the music I most think about when 1971 is brought up. There was so much great music that I will have other playlists put together – soul and 45’s also planned for the look back at 50 years. After 1971, music as we know it changes – sometimes for good, and sometimes for not so good.

But let’s start with this slam-bang lineup: Rod Stewart, the Who, Carole King, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Santana, Nilsson, the Doors, Todd Rundgren, Grin, Alice Cooper, T. Rex, and David Bowie.

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