My 2nd Podcast

Hello and welcome to the newest PB Podcast. Hope you enjoyed the first PB Podcast, and if you haven’t heard it yet, it should still be available on Today’s podcast doesn’t have any theme whatsoever – I started out with the first song (“Breakdown” by Alice Russell) after hearing an ad for the new season of Mad Men, then played whatever song I was thinking about while hearing the first song. The results are songs from the 1960’s through today.

I will say that the song by Asa – “Ok, Ok” reminds me of what is happening in Nigeria right now, with the kidnapped girls and Boko Harum. Very scary.

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I started a Podcast


I decided that I wanted to share music with others and so I started recording podcasts to share with others. The podcasts are about 1 hour and will consist of ‘general’ music that I like. To share the podcasts I got a website and started a weblog called I haven’t seen too many podcasts that play ‘general’ music – general as opposed to genre-specific. The only one I’ve heard that I listen to consistently is Radio Free Wohlman done by Dave Wohlman. I started listening to his podcast 7 years ago, and I’ve heard every podcast he’s put out in that time at least once. I urge you to listen to his podcast.

When I was younger I used to make mix tapes for people, then moved onto putting together CD’s of music. Doing a music podcast is the next logical and technological step. The change with the podcast is that I am introducing the podcast and songs between sets in the way a DJ does on the radio.

I started out by recording two podcasts, trying to learn how to use the technology I have to build the podcast. I wanted to have a consistent opening to my podcast, and I put together a fairly complicated set with music, voice overs and sound effects. After listening to the opening countless times I decided to scrap it and have a simple introduction (for now).

After listening to the 2 podcasts I completed, I scrapped them and wondered if I would ever move forward with the project. I was still having technical problems, and I really don’t like to hear myself talk. I then sat down and really learned how to use the equipment properly and have recorded some podcasts that are much improved. There is a lot more improvement to make, but the music is excellent and the transitions between songs work very well.

My goal is to have one new podcast every week. I may also have an occasional special podcast that might be more genre-specific. I’m thinking about doing a semi-regular jazz podcast and perhaps an occasional blues podcast. I’d like to get a consistent audience for the podcasts – I’d like to have people listen and validate what I’m doing. Please listen and make comments and suggestions – I’ll be looking to improve what I do (and maybe find an intro I actually like).

Thank you for your time and ears.

Podcast the First

Hello and welcome to the first PB Podcast. I hope you enjoy the music I’ve put together for you. I am still working out some kinks in broadcasting, and have been away from the mike for too long. I hope to improve on my speaking skills.

Today’s podcast starts with a set about mornings. The second is about sunrise, while the last two are songs I wanted to hear. I don’t really have an overall theme – the goal of the podcast isn’t to have one them for the hour (I’m not trying to continue Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, and I certainly don’t have Eddie Gorodetsky as my producer).

I have some new songs that have been on my playlist – 2014 has started out well for new music. I also have dipped back into the 1960s’ and 70’s for some tunes – I think they all go together pretty well.

I’ll hide the playlist at the end of the blog – I think it’s better to listen to the music without knowing what will be played next. I put the playlist out so you can track down the music you like. I hope that there will be some songs and bands that I can introduce to you.

So enjoy the morning with today’s Patrick Podcast.

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Travels With Charley by John Steinbeck

What is America?

In 1960, at the age of 58, John Steinbeck set out on a quixotic journey to search for America. Having lived in New York City for the last ten years, he felt that he had lost touch with what “the people” of America was like. Although he said his plan was “clear, concise, and reasonable,” naming his vehicle Rocinante after Don Quixote’s horse gave a truer sense of what he thought lay ahead. The discoveries he made 54 years ago still resonate today.

One of Mr. Steinbeck’s first observations was that people were losing their accents, and that as a culture we were becoming homogenized through radio and television. “Communications must destroy localness, by a slow, inevitable process.” He longed to travel the back roads rather than the interstates, where the surrounding areas were a blur, but he could not escape the highways.

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