Perfect Boneless Leg of Lamb

We re-did our kitchen about 5 years ago (time flies). When we did that,I looked around and said, “Now that we have a nice kitchen, it would be nice if we used it to make good food.” So I started actually cooking – looking at recipes and making good food. Part of this was done to make sure we ate better food – I like to know more about what I’m actually eating, and I’ve been cutting out (or reducing) items that are bad. The results are good.I’m actually pretty good at following recipes (and experimenting), with great results.

So today I’m making lamb for Greek Easter. It’s my first, but the recipe seems pretty easy – I hope it turns out well.

Today’s podcast starts with a new song from Courtney Barnett – I love her new album. From there we get Elastica, Little Richard, Robert Palmer, Gene Clark, Maria Muldaur, Flo & Eddie, Del Shannon, Johnny Burnette, Joe Ely, Screaming Trees, Family, Alice Russell, Stevie Wonder, the Temptations, and ending with Tony!Toni!Tone! (how emphatic).

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It was in the year 1980

Hello and welcome to another special edition of the PB podcast. Today we travel back to the year 1980. The podcast will feature songs from that year. 1980 was not only 35 years ago, but was an important year for me. I was finishing my 2nd year in college and started my 3rd year in 1980. More importantly, music really began to split during the early 1980’s. Punk had died out, but post-punk bands began to proliferate, and many radio stations were confused – this music didn’t sound enough like the classic rock music they liked playing, so playlists started to get tightened up and many of the “new wave” acts got pushed aside. College radio stations started filling in the gaps by featuring the newer bands, and alternative radio (and new commercial stations) grew from that.

In 1980 there wasn’t a lot of traditional rock acts that released new music. It was mostly the newer bands, and so that is mostly what we will feature here today. Many of the acts have become “classic” that were new wave back then: Talking Heads, the Clash, U2 (debut album) and Devo. Instead of listing the artists, just listen to the music. You’ll probably now many of these tunes.

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Spring Cleaning

Hmm, I’m having problems with my shift bar – time for a new keyboard? I’ll see if I can clean this one out first. Speaking of cleaning, spring, for some reason, is the traditional period for cleaning. It’s the first chance for those of us who experience winter to move around outside (there’s still plenty of snow here today), and I have more big spring cleaning plans.

It seems like we spend our younger years accumulating stuff we think is necessary, and then we realize that we don’t really need everything we’ve acquired (or that we’ll never move into that mansion large enough to hold all our stuff) so we start getting rid of it. I prefer Goodwill for anything that has some use – charities that can re-use are the best place for my old crap. Then younger folk can by this”essential” stuff and repeat the pattern of acquiring and dumping.

On today’s podcast we have all killer, no filler-accumulations of essential music. We begin with the killer himself, Jerry Lee Lewis, then to crooner Bob Dylan, Matthew E. White, and a collaboration between John Lee Hooker and Miles Davis. Then we go live with a set from Jefferson Airplane, Muddy Waters, Nirvana and Donny Hathaway. We go bluesy with Savoy Brown, Freddie King and Luther Allison. The final set features the Shocking Blue, Iggy Pop and Sade, and yes, they all work well together.

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Getting Old

The inevitability of growing old isn’t a constant thought – I still feel the same way I did when I was eleven years old – I’m not so sure that’s good, but just the way it is. I usually see it in others, though, and now I’m experiencing it with my dog. Fiona the Siberian Husky will be 13 in May and she has slowed down. Her hips are arthritic, so getting up and laying down have become chores for her. She tore an ACL last year and doesn’t go up and down stairs anymore. She even cut her walk short this morning – we had gotten up to 2 miles of walk in the morning, and did it twice yesterday – but not today.

Still, there are times, especially early in the walks, where she is as energetic and playful as she was as a puppy, and still acts like a puppy around people (they always seem surprised to hear how old she is). Still, time marches on for her – and for me as well. For I am not 11 anymore – I am 55 years old. Not at the “You kids get off my lawn” stage, but closing in on it.

Today’s podcast definitely takes a look back – we start in the 1970’s with Cheap Trick, ELO, Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band and Lighthouse . Then we hit the 1960’s with the Bee Gees, the Blues Project, Paul Revere and the Raiders and the Valentinos. Next up is Texas, the Mighty Lemon Drops, the Soft Boys, Divine Comedy, Sharon Van Etten, John Hiatt, Ambrosia, and end with Jefferson Airplane.

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Mid-week Jazz Podcast

Hello, and welcome to another special edition of the podcast – the occasional Jazzcast that I’m posting for you. There’s nothing fancy going on today – no 2015 releases, no 75th anniversaries, just some good jazz music that I’ve been listening to lately.

We start today’s show with Herbie Hancock from his 1962 first solo release Takin’ Off, then move to a 2014 release form trumpeter Tom Harrell before ending with a classic from the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra.

Th next set starts off with some be-bop from Tal Farlow, then Charlie Parker steps in before we end the set with Charlie Haden from 1987 with a boppish tune. The third set has piano players, starting with Carla Bley, then Orrin Evans, Bud Powell and ending with Billy Strayhorn.

The final set is also composed of pianists – Benny Green, Bill Charlap and Herbie Nichols. Great tunes, well played.

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It’s Spring! Time for the Spring Freeze

Feels like -1 degree Farenheit? It must be spring. Does my dog want to take a short walk? The Siberian Husky demands her long weekend walk. The Red Sox start playing in Fenway on April 13 – will that be ready? We’ll see. It’s the end of March and time for New Englanders to complain about the weather – no real spring here – it becomes mud season. We forgive winter because of the magnificent autumns we have – I’m not sure our summers are good enough for us to forgive the awful springs we get. We need warm weather real soon.

On today’s podcast we start with James Brown, Ike and Tina Turner, the Strawberry Alarm Clock and the Doors. From there we play Donnie Iris, Echo and the Bunnymen, Big Audio Dynamite, The Motors, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Stranglers, and Simple MInds. We try to end the set (wait – we end the set with Try) with Julian Cope, Marshall Crenshaw, Maxayn and Aretha Franklin.

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Looking for Lewis and Clark

March has brought in rains. I’d complain, but since I won’t have to shovel it later, I’m good. We know that April showers bring May flowers, but March rain? Other than decreasing the size of snow banks (and the return of sidewalks that were previously plowed, were forgotten after the big storms, but have been noticed by my dog in the long weekend walks we take), what is there? No shoveling, I guess.

We have a fun podcast today, full of fun, great songs from the PB library. We start with the Yardbirds, then go to Wire, the Cure, Blur, John Foxx, Nick Cave, Damien Jurado, the Specials, the Housemartins, Paul Weller, the Heavy, the Fall, the Soft Boys and ending with the Long Ryders. Enjoy!

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Spring Forward

Today is the day we sprang forward (wait – in English we’re making all verbs regular verbs – I guess we springed forward – ugh, let’s stay irregular). Daylight Savings Time is back, which means that I get to drive to work in the dark again. In the winter I get up in the dark, drive to work in the dark, and drive home in the dark: Winter in New England. Then, as we move into February, sunrise starts to become early enough that I am not driving in the dark. Then we get Daylight Savings Time, and it’s back to darkness. The one constant is that I walk my dog in the dark (we get up very early here, and she always wants a nice long walk) – the dog’ll be 13 in May, so that’s a lot of walks. Do we still need Daylight Savings Time?

Today’s podcast has nothing to do with Daylight Savings Time. Instead we have Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine and Alison Moyet leading us off, followed by the Left Banke, Joe Jackson, the La’s, Jacqueline Taieb, Nick Lowe, Otis Redding, Raphael Saadiq, the Go-Go’s, the Bangles, kd lang, the Youngbloods, Billy Bragg with Wilco, Julian Cope and Stevie Wonder.

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Vacation Podcast

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the PB Podcast. I am on vacation right now, enjoying warm weather and staying far away from the awful, snowy New England winter.

Lesley Gore recently passed away, and there was an unusual amount of love given to a person I thought was a minor pop star, but she had a bigger reach than I thought. I thought she was a very good artist, and owned the songs she sang back in the 1960’s. She seems more like a guilty pleasure for many people. I personally don’t believe in guilty pleasures – I just have music I like and listen to and music I don’t listen to. I don’t make judgments on music anymore, it’s not worth my time. I grew up listening to AM radio, where there were a lot of great songs in many different genres, and listening to and loving all genres is still part of my makeup.

So we’ll start our podcast today with Lesley Gore, then onto Mary Weiss (formerly of the Shangri-La’s), the Ramones, Eddie Cochran, and Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones to lead things off. Then we have Robin Trower, Cream, the Charlatans, the Move, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Tones, Allen Toussaint, Otis Redding, Gloria Jones, Yasmine Hamdam, Dum Dum Girls, Elvis Presley and Lulu to end the show.

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Wants and Needs

Today we look at wants and needs, as in “I want to go on vacation” vs. “I need to go on vacation.” That will be answered later this week as I head to sunny Southern California, with promised 80 degree (Farenheit) days. So, do I need or want? I definitely want it, and psychologically (as I prepare once more to shovel the snow we got last night) I need to get away fro the frozen North.

Who wants? The Hoodoo Gurus, Graham Parker, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Costello. Who Needs? Janis Joplin, the Four Tops, The Jam, and Susan Tedeschi. What else do we have? Robert Wyatt, Temples, Public Image Limited,Ray Charles, Alice Cooper, The Cult, and the Moody Blues.

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