Work out

Thank you all for the heartfelt sympathy toward my dog. It’s been tough, but we’re getting through it.

Since I’ve gotten all fat and lazy lately, I decided that I needed to get onto better shape, so I’ve started the “Couch to 5k” app on my iPhone. I just completed the first workout in week 3, which is the first workout that’s really gotten me to work up a sweat. Maybe I wasn’t as horrible as I thought. On my own I’d wonder about the efficacy of the app, but my sister-in-law went through it recently and just ran her first 5k, so I’ll keep it up.

Or, I’ll keep it up as long as my back lets me. I have a bulging disk in my back which limits workouts, but so far so good. I hope I don’t wake up one morning unable to move without being in great pain. Road work is supposed to be bad for the back – I haven’t had any problems yet. And no problems with legs, shins, etc. Let’s get in shape!

Today’s podcast won’t do much to help the workouts – maybe save me from drowning. We start with Billy Bragg, then go to Deerhunter, Paul Weller, Los Lobos, the Smithereens, Ray Charles, Joe Simon, O.V. Wright, Shemekia Copeland, Johnny Copeland, Charlie Musselwhite, Tracy Nelson, Dire Straits, B.B. King and John Hiatt.

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She didn’t make it

Fiona is no more. She didn’t get any better, and we ended her life. It was pretty sad – although she was not eating, drinking or going to the bathroom, her bladder infection had cleared up, so she was walking close to normal again. The Doctor said the next step would be hospitalization that would cost thousands of dollars and could still end up without her getting better. The decision was easier to take, but still difficult to do. Man, I’m near tears now just writing this.

On today’s podcast we start with a theme – see if you can guess by the first 4 artists. Then we move on to general music through the end. We start with Bo Diddley, Jr. Walker and the All-Stars, Jonathan Richman with the Modern Lovers, and, uh, Warner Brothers. Nest is Pretty Things, Modest Mouse, Leonard Cohen, Massive Attack, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, James Brown, the Young Rascals, Tommy James and the Shondells, the Ronettes, the Band, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the dB’s.

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Sick Dog

My dog’s 13th birthday was on May 5. She had diarrhea for the next week, but then it cleared up. The last Saturday, she became very lethargic and stopped eating. We took her to the vets on Tuesday but she still didn’t get better. Yesterday (Saturday) we took her to the emergency clinic, where she was given additional medication – we hope she gets better.

She has a bladder infection that hurts her arthritic back-end, so she is having problems walking (or even getting up). Her stomach is also distended, and she hasn’t really eaten in a week. She did have some ice cream and chicken broth (with some chicken) today – it’s a good sign. Get well soon, pup.

On today’s podcast we start off with American Music Club, then onto Maria Muldaur, Southern Culture on the Skids, The Saxons, Maxine Brown, The Supremes, the Jackson Five, Squeeze, John Martyn, Morrissey, Sinead O’Connor, AL Green, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Television.

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Hello and welcome. Today is a very special day – I’ve been doing my podcast for a year now. I’ve enjoyed putting together these podcasts for you, and I have a small but sincere audience who listens – thank you. If not for you I would have stopped doing this and been very frustrated.

I think that I’ve made a lot of improvement since I started – it’s certainly easier for me to talk about what I have played on the show – I hope you think I’ve gotten better. Onto the second year of shows…

We’ve got some new songs to play today as well as some more of the classics. We start with Rose Windows, then go to Heart, My Morning Jacket, Hot Chocolate, The Mavericks, Shelby Lynne, Dusty Springfield, The Kills, Ann Peebles, The Bamboos, The Cowsills, The Temptations, Spirit, Blur and Brian Eno.

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The Amtrak crash earlier this week highlights the importance of the need to improve our infrastructure. The U.S. has been left behind when it comes to the railroad system. Europe and Japan have markedly improved their rail systems, including high speed rail service. California is building a high speed rail track, which will see phase 1 complete in 2029. That’s 14 years away-wow. Now is not the time to be cutting the budget of Amtrak,which Congress did earlier in the week.

Today’s podcast has no train songs, but is scheduled to arrive on time. We start with George Harrison,then on to the next stop with R.E.M., Madness, Thievery Corporation, the Headboys, Neil Young, Marianne Faithful, Lucinda Williams, the Five Royales, Led Zeppelin, the Raveonettes, Webb Wilder, Al Anderson, Graham Parker, and Sly and the Family Stone.

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2015 Jazzcast – with 2015 music

Hello and welcome to one of my midweek podcasts. This is a jazz podcast, and in putting it together, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of new jazz I had purchased this year, so 8 of the 9 songs were released in 2015, and the final song was from 2014.

I feature 3 songs form the Smoke Sessions Label, which started in 2013. I have found all of the music to be outstanding – if there are any Smoke Sesssion albums I have not yet purchased, I probably will get them. They are that good. I mention that there were 4 albums released in 2015 – the 4th was just released this week, which is why I don’t have it yet (it’s the new Vincent Herring album – I already own another CD of his).

So sit back and listen to Harold Mabern, Beppe Di Benedetto, the Sylvain Charrier Tentet, Eddie Henderson, Steve Turre, Jared Gold, Stanton Moore, Chris Lightcap’s Bigmouth, and Kamasi Washington.

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I’m So Tired

Started the podcast but got really sleepy – a bit unusual for me, but changed things up a bit in recording the podcast. Don’t know if age is catching up with me, because there are days when I find it’s tough to do much – I never had those days when I was young. I’m also slowing down on reading lately – that’s usually a sign that it’s time to change my eye prescription. I’ve worn reading glasses since my 20’s-not necessarily age-related.My distance glasses, however, are age-related. I used to have 20/15 vision -now I’m on the path to full-time glasses (hopefully many years away-let’s hope).

On today’s podcast we start with the Beatles (see title of post), then go on to the Rolling Stones,the Blind Boys of Alabama, the Staple Singers, Dwight Yoakam, Neko Case, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Barrence Whitfield and the Savages, Arthur Alexander, James Carr, O.V. Wright, Clarence Carter, Sam and Dave, Crosby and Nash, Moby Grape, Traffic and Bob Weir.

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April showers bring Spring?

I hate to harp on this, but the weather until yesterday has not been great this spring. Temperatures are supposed to jump beginning today, so we’ll see. With a scheduled high of 82 Fahrenheit on Monday, maybe we’re skipping spring and going straight into summer – I’ll take it.

On today’s podcast we start with a spring set from the Lemon Drops, the Graham Bond Organisation, Go-Betweens and the Kinks. From there we listen to Urge Overkill, Ocean Colour Scene, the Velvet Underground, the Who, King Crimson, Johnny Thunders, Wet Willie, Barrence Whitfield and the Savages, the Cars, Mink Deville, the Zombies and J. Mascis.

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In 1985 I was trying to be a responsible adult. I had a full-time job, a wife and a son (and I still have all 3, albeit a much better job). I didn’t have the time I used to have to stay up with music, but I did make a valiant effort. Since MTV had captured the world, I did watch that station quite a bit. They had a show with Peter Zaremba called The Cutting Edge that I used to watch (new wave music). I also started listening to WFNX – the Boston Phoenix radio station. They started out by saying they had no format and would play anything – a whole side of Keith Jarrett next to a Black Sabbath song, but they pretty quickly settled on “alternative radio” – you know, the music not played on most other classic rock stations.

The result is that I ended up staying in touch with most new music from 30 years ago, and now I’ll share some of my favorites from that year. We start with Talking Heads, then the Blasters, Marshall Crenshaw and the Replacements to end the first set. WE then move on to Aretha Franklin, Eurythmics, Sade, Kate Bush, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Hiatt, the Style Council, Lone Justice, Hoodoo Gurus and finally, The Cure.

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Lost and Found

I’ve been killing myself this week – I’ve had problems uploading files to the blog, so potentially there was no podcast this week. I have limited technical skills here and did not know how I was going to fix this.

Finally, I found a way to access all my files on my website (I know, I know – that seems easy, and something I should have done earlier). My goal was to ftp the files over, but when I looked, there were many copies of the podcast that supposedly had not uploaded. A quick check proved that the file did indeed play, so I’m good to go (I’ll have to scrub the extra files off at some point). The life of a part-time blogger.

On today’s podcast we start with songs I swear I’ve played on podcasts before. I know I did a number of podcasts that didn’t make it to air, but it couldn’t have been that many – ok, maybe there were about a dozen. We start with the Silos, then go to Irma Thomas, Eurythmics and Romeo Void to end the first set. From there we have Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Joan Armatrading, Woodentops, the Friends of Distinction, Lee Dorsey, Johnny Adams, James Brown, Gene Vincent, Little Feat, the Byrds and wrap up with the Buffalo Springfield.

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