Looking for Lewis and Clark

March has brought in rains. I’d complain, but since I won’t have to shovel it later, I’m good. We know that April showers bring May flowers, but March rain? Other than decreasing the size of snow banks (and the return of sidewalks that were previously plowed, were forgotten after the big storms, but have been noticed by my dog in the long weekend walks we take), what is there? No shoveling, I guess.

We have a fun podcast today, full of fun, great songs from the PB library. We start with the Yardbirds, then go to Wire, the Cure, Blur, John Foxx, Nick Cave, Damien Jurado, the Specials, the Housemartins, Paul Weller, the Heavy, the Fall, the Soft Boys and ending with the Long Ryders. Enjoy!

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