In 2020 Kate and I had planned our long-awaited trip to France. I was researching hotels and places to visit (beyond the obvious ones). Something happened to derail those plans – wait, I’m getting old and don’t always remember what happened… anyway, we did not go.

We finally decided that we would take a vacation this year – not to France but somewhere where we could visit friends. That also did not happen, so we arranged a November vacation back to Hilton Head, SC. Surely by November, the world would be getting back to normal. Hmm, I guess not.mOh well. I’m used to wearing masks a lot of my day, anyway.

So we’re in Hilton Head for the week. We’ll visit local attractions, take a day trip to Savannah, GA, and maybe take a day trip to Charleston, SC. I’ve been to both for conferences, but Kate has only visited Savannah for the day, and not even some of the cool places I found when I was there. We will hopefully have fun. We’re fully vaxed nad have even goten the booster shot, so with that and our masks we’ll be well-protected. Unsure whether there are any mask mandates in SC – I don’t think so, but we’ll still mask up in some places when we’re inside. We’re hoping for the best.

Today’s podcast, done way before we left on vacation, features Lower Dens, Charlotte Wessels, Christine & the Queens, Dirty Projectors, the English Beat, Madness, General Public, Fine Young Cannibals, Quantic & Nidia Gongora, Sideral, Celia Cruz, Tome Ze, Redbone, Dr. John, the Meters, and Batty Harris.

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