A couple of weeks ago someone was talking about how they had planned to finish something in October. “October?” I thought, “why so late in the year?” Then Friday happened, and it’s October 1. “Oh, we are getting to the end of the year.” It’s been another long year, but the end is in sight. It’s October. We’ve had actual fall weather here this week, with some slight warming coming at the end of this week. Oh, well. I love fall weather – crisp, cool mornings, warm beautiful days, and cold nights. It’s the perfect weather for me.

There are many birthdays of friends and family in October, including my birthday. You know what my birthday means – let’s give money to the city and state when I register my cars for the year. Happy birthday, Pat. Please make the check payable to…Does that seem right? What about the random number on the license plate? I should do this in May -my car license plate ends in a 5. Welcome to fall.

Today’s podcast is excellent, with Bruce Springsteen, Robert Gordon, Patti Smith, Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, Family, the Who, the Groundhogs, Samantha Fish, St. Vincent, Florence & the Machine, Spiritualized, Ride, and the Catherine Wheel.

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