Dog Days

I never questioned what it meant by the dog days of summer. I knew that was the time that it was really hot, but I also knew that they were probably the worst days for dogs. It was the only time my husky was logy.

But the dog days are named for Sirius, the dog star, and the period it covers is July 3 to August 15 (or so). It’s when the dog star becomes visible just before sunrise (helical rising) each year. I know that it means the hottest, worst part of the year, which I always assumed was just August. Those days always seemed to be the hottest when I was growing up. And in true fashion, the weather report for the end of this week is barking – mid to high 80’s with high humidity. Woof.

On today’s podcast, we aren’t going to the dogs. We do have a couple of new tracks to go with some classics, with David Crosby, Donald Fagen, Ambrosia, Veruca Salt, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Rodrigo Amarante, Fado, Neko Case, Cowbell, Allison Russell, and Barrence Whitfield.

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