I’ve been a comics reader for as long as I can remember. I loved looking at the comics as a child and have continued to read them today. They still put out a (classic) Peanuts strip daily. I have the first few volumes of the complete strips from the beginning and still chuckle at Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

When I was in college I had a friend tell me that he read Apartment3G every day. Apartment 3G? Wasn’t that one of those slow-moving soapy comic strips? Yes, it was, and so I started reading it every day, too. Oh, I read it ironically, but it still became part of my daily viewing. What’s that Professor up to today?

In fact, I pretty much read it until it stopped publication in 2015. To tell the truth, I now read more soapy comics than I do “funny” comic strips. Judge Parker, Mark Trail, Mary Worth, Rex Morgan, and the Phantom are now on my daily reading list. So if you’ll pardon me, the Sunday (mostly recaps of the week’s strips) are awaiting me. See you in the funny papers.

Today’s podcast is all over the place, and a perfect way to start your day, with John Hiatt, Los Lobos, Delbert McClinton, Billy Boy Arnold, Pokey LaFarge, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Allan Toussaint, Neil Young, Richard & Linda Thompson, John Martyn, the Rolling Stones, the Blues Project, and John Mayall.

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