Home from Vacation

Just got back from vacation. What a great week. Eighteen-month-olds are fascinating. It was interesting to observe throughout the week. Owen has a great sense of humor and he loves his grandpa. I’m the favorite.

Still, it’s funny. He loves saying no to things he doesn’t like, but if you say no to him it’s pretty much tantrum time. He tried to shove more food in his mouth than he could chew and swallow, and lunch went from fun to tears very quickly. I had to explain that it wasn’t that he couldn’t eat the food, but that he had to do it piece by piece and not all at once. He also didn’t want to hold hands crossing the street. Isn’t it a little early for that? When we told him he had to hold hands crossing the street he broke down again. Even after we told him that we weren’t saying that he wasn’t a good walker, but it was for safety’s sake, he wasn’t buying. He got over it, but it’s going to happen more often.

I’d talk more about the vacation, but it’s morning and he’s up. His parents aren’t, so having grandparents who are early risers helps out the parents who want to sleep in but don’t ever get much of a chance to.

Today’s podcast was pre-taped before vacation to give me a break this morning. So listen to the Chills, Liz Phair, Cowboys International, Buddy Guy, Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite, Chris Whitley, Delbert McClinton, the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, the Beau Brummels, the Turtles, the Mamas and the Papas, the MC5, the New York Dolls, the Soft Boys, and T-Bone Burnett. Please go to brennick.net to stream or download or download the podcast brennick.net. Thank you for tuning in.

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