Could it be…Spring

Could it actually be spring? The equinox is a week off, and yet it was really warm this week, getting to the high 60’s on Thursday. Can’t really rely on forecasts, but it’s supposed to be warm by mid-week next week (this is in New England – ymmv).

Overall the winter was pretty mild – not much snow and we didn’t get an extended period of cold days. This usually means that March sneaks up and dumps a bunch of snow and remains windy and cold. And sure, we’ve had some really windy days, but overall it’s hard to complain.

Time to enjoy this spring-like weather with a bunch of great tunes on today’s podcast, with the Beatles, the Who, Van Morrison, the Pretty Things, the Action, Django Django, TV on the Radio, the Knife, the Lazy Lies, the Cure, Kevin Coyne, Bob Dylan, John Prine, and Bruce Cockburn.

You can go to to stream or download, or download the podcast Thank you for tuning in.

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