March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I don’t know how I know this – it’s just one of those expressions that I heard when I was young and has stuck with me. This March has certainly been lion-like, if lions are very, very cold.

But are lions cold? Don’t they live on the Serengeti plain? Surprisingly, the temperatures are very pleasant in the Serengeti, with lows around 60 and highs under 80 degrees – all year round. So lions probably don’t get too cold. Really, maybe we shouldn’t use lions for the expression.

My conclusion, therefore, is that March should come in like a cold beast – say a polar bear. From now on we should say that March comes in like a polar bear and leaves like a lamb (it can still be a lamb, although we lose the alliteration). How about that?

I’m not sure that the music in today’s music is lionic – seems more lamb-like, especially the first set. Today’s artists include Moses Sumney, Joey Dosik, Norah Jones, the Band, Paul McCartney, XTC, the Charlatans UK, Paul Weller, Joe Jackson, Errol Linton, the Electric Flag, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

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