More 2020 songs

Hi, this is the second set of songs I’ve put together that came out in 2020 (first came out on November 25). I don’t usually have a “best of’ list for the year – my likes shift from day-to-day, and I think that there’s recency bias (“I just heard this album, – it’s now number 3 and not number 11”).

However, I love reading year-end best-of lists. I tote up how many of the “best” albums that I have purchased, and whether I think that they’re all that. Every year there are a larger number of albums that I have not heard, and more artists that I have never heard of. Am I getting old?

It’s not just obscure publications, either. In Rolling Stone, Bad Bunny has the third best album. The only thing I know about that is that it’s the first #1 album that’s all in Spanish – the first non-English speaking album to hit #1. Dua Lipa? City Girls? Nope – don’t know them, and I always thought that I was pretty plugged into the music scene. Those days are long gone. It’s partially because I don’t pay much attention to popular culture, and mostly because I’m old.

That’s ok, because I do listen and get new music, and I’ll share part 2 of the music I purchased and liked in 2020, including Norah Jones, James Hunter, Robert Cray, Lucinda Williams, Jason Isbell, My Morning Jacket, Lydia Loveless, Drive-By-Truckers, Bob Dylan, and the Dream Syndicate.

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