We’re taking care of dogs this weekend. They’re easy dogs to care for, but it’s very different than what we’ve been used to when we had our own dogs. We owned two dogs for twenty-five years, but have been without a dog for 6 years (six! It’s been a long time). Neither of our dogs was very food-centric, so we could put food in their bowl and it could last all day there. With these two, the food is gone within seconds. Look, pups, it’s not a race. We don’t expect you to eat one kibble at a time (our black lab), but this is ridiculous. When we went to training for our husky, she was not doing what she was supposed to, and the trainer was confident that by rewarding her with a treat she’d behave. “she doesn’t care much for treats,” we said, and when he was unable to lure her at all with treats, looked at us and said that we were in trouble with this one. We know, we know.

They’re also extremely friendly (or, emotionally needy). Our black lab could occasionally get underfoot, but the yellow lab we’re sitting is constantly following me. Right now she’s laying down behind me, so it’ll be hard for me to get out of the chair without moving her. The Chihuahua is a needy lap dog who wants to be in my arms all day and all night.

I guess that I’m saying that although we miss having a dog in our lives, we’re not going to be getting one soon. They’re nice to visit, but we don’t want to handle a dog that would be needier than what we’re used to. And we like the freedom to up and go anywhere without having to make sure the dog is taking care of while we’re gone.

Got a fun podcast for you today – I know you’ll like it. We ‘re listening to Evie Sands, Caught a Ghost, Bryan Ferry, Lucinda Williams, Norah Jones, Garland Jeffreys, Shelby Lynne, the Hollies, Wire, the Jesus & Mary Chain, Graham Parker, XTC, Hooverphonic, Mazzy Star, and Swans.

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