Back to School

It’s back to school time, which means looking out for stopped buses as I drive into work each morning. I remember the feeling of “back-to-school” when I was a kid, though. I liked going to school in the fall to see friends that I either did not see or saw infrequently during the summer, as I lived in a farily rural setting.

As for the school (learning) part – I liked showing off my knowledge, but bristled (being kind to myself) over the rules put in place to dampen the joy of being alive. I was not a model student until high school, when I calmed down during the school day.

I know that one of the tenets of education is to prepare students for adulthood, and that being bored all day working at a job that you may or may not like was supposed to build character (or something), in real life I’ve had jobs for many years that weren’t boring, and ones where I could have fun as well as work very hard to complete tasks.

For the teachers that allowed us to have some fun in school, and knew that there was more to life than the drudgery of filling in papers, I applaud you. I actually had so many teachers, especially in high school, that taught joy as part of their work, that school could be a true learning environment. For the others, I can only imagine that they didn’t really enjoy teaching, and I think that I’m glad that I made their lives a little bit worse by being that bad kid.

Let’s celebrate good teachers (and forget the bad ones), with music from Lower Dens, the Hold Steady, Ride, Sleeper, Mike Heron, Bonnie Raitt, the Pipettes, Freddie King, Samantha Fish, the J. Geils Band, T. Rex, Warren Zevon, and Van Morrison.

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