New Eyes

I just received some new glasses – everything is in sharper focus now. It had been a while since I had gotten glasses, and while my eyesight hasn’t gotten much worse, it was enough that new glasses really help. Also helps that the new glasses aren’t all scratched up.

Although my glasses are a different style, it’s not like they’re going to be very noticeable. I stayed with the basic largish black frames, in a standard style – nothing outlandish for me. I have a big head, which further narrows my choices. I *almost* tried on a pair I really liked, but couldn’t make them fit my fat head.

Let’s celebrate my new found vision with music from Paul Revere and the Raiders, the Remains, Ry Cooder, Mabel John, Barbara Lynn, Small Faces, the Mamas and the Papas, Roy Head, Deep Purple, Donovan, Soul II Soul, Trombone Shorty, Funkadelic, J.J. Cale, Mike Heron, and Tindersticks.

This podcast is, as always, available to stream or download at There should be more content there, and I will try to put more things up this year. The podcast is also available to download as a podcast at your favorite podcast streamer – iTunes, Stitcher, etc. The podcast is called Check that out sometime. I welcome suggestions and comments, too – leave them as you will. Thanks for everything you do to encourage me.

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