Too Many People

In the summer, when I drive home on a Friday afternoon, there is inevitably a huge slowdown on the turnpike as we approach Maine. The number of people from Massachusetts and New York going to Maine on vacation starting Friday afternoon is more than a 4-lane highway can handle. It gets frustrating for us “normal” commuters.

Similarly, there are way too many people running for President on the Democratic side. There are still more than 20 people who are still running, even though over one-half must know that they can’t win. All they are doing is clouding the nomination process (I’m sure President Trump finds this amusing).

What is also frustrating is that there are some candidates who have a good message that seem to be getting lost (I’m thinking specifically about Julian Castro, about whom I’d like to hear more). The others hang their hopes on the fact that no one knew who Barack Obama was at this stage of the 2008 primaries, and how President Trump seemingly came from nowhere to win (when really, even though not a professional politician, was leading in polls throughout that time).

Fewer cars – fewer candidates. Let’s get this done (I know this is a pipe dream).

Today’s mix is very ecelectic, but it all makes snese, so let’s take the time to take breath and listen toTindersticks, Paul Kelly, Vic Chesnutt, Shakey Graves, the Who, Norma Tanega, Otis Redding, the Pixies, Mabel John, Bill Wyman, the Boomtown Rats, Lloyd Cole, Jorge Ben, Caetano Veloso, and Anelis.

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