I’ll steal my son’s joke – “hey, the license plate looks ok.”

I hurt. On Thursday night, as I was sitting in traffic (the normal back up on Spaulding) I was hit from behind by someone going around 40 MPH (gleaned from conversation – I wasn’t looking). I don’t know if you’ve experienced being in a stopped car while another car hits you at 40 MPH, but it’s very different from what I have ever experienced before. As a human crash test dummy, I can tell you that the airbags all inflated as they were supposed to, the rear end of the car accordianned up, and the front and also crunched in nicely (of course I was sent into two cars ahead of me). The interior of the car did not noticeably crunch in – people were able to open my door and the driver’s side rear door, and yesterday I was able to open the passenger’s side front door. I was taken to the hospital the only one in the 4 cars to go), where they determined that there was nothing broken or seriously wrong with me (internal bleeding, punctured lungs, etc.), but I do have bruises where the seatbelt saved my life. And it hurts – badly. My ribs on the right hand side are bruised, and it still hurts if I have to take a deep breath, or laugh. My left shoulder can only be partially lifted without searing pain, and I have to walk extremely slowly – yes, even walking hurts. Heck, I have to be careful when I sit, and the transition to sitting and getting back up is painful. But the pain reminds me that I am alive, and not one of the other things that could have happened that night.

Music helps soothe this savage, damaged breast, so listen in today to hear the J. Geils Band, Elvis Costello, the O’Jays, Them, Johnny Cash, Insect Trust, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Beat Happening, Galaxie 500, Pavement, Guided by Voices, and the Jefferson Airplane.

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