Jazzcast 3: Vocals

Hello and welcome to a special edition of the PB Podcast – the Jazzcast. On this edition of the jazzcast I focus on jazz vocalists. The main focus of this jazzcast is classic jazz vocalists – you’ll recognize many of the names from Lena to Ella to Nat King Cole and Mel Torme. The last set has more contemporary vocalists, but the style is generally classic.

I wasn’t a big fan of jazz vocalists when I first started listening to jazz, but through the years I started appreciating what vocalists could do in the jazz idiom, and I started listening more closely to singers. I have stayed away (Mostly) from the lush instrumentalism that I find in much of the vocalist oeuvre – I’ve never been a huge fan of strings to accompany singers (or other jazz players – Charlie Parker with strings? – pass). Most of the songs here are done with stripped down bands – the trio of songs with Clifford Brown are amazing.

So, sit back and enjoy this podcast of great singing. Thank you.

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