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Hi there. I thought that I’d share a couple of links with you from things I’ve read on the interwebs. They are worthwhile reads.

1. The New Yorker has a great article called Wrong Answer that has to do with the recent cheating scandal in the Atlanta school system. Even if you know the basics of the scandal, this article humanizes the problems.

2. Vox has a good piece called Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless. I’m an INTJ – sometimes an INTP – the final has always been my weakest score. I always thought that it was a bit facile, even if it did a pretty good job of defining me.

3. Another New Yorker article, What we really taste when we drink wine. I like wine, but ‘m not sure how well I’d do in blind tests. I’m not as much of a snob as others would suggest.

4. Finally, on TNW is an article called Why we crave human-curated playlists. Don’t know why that happened to strike me, other than my belief that it is true. Maybe I didn’t give Pandora enough of a chance. Oh, and have you listened to my latest human-curated podcast?

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