The snow has melted in my yard – only a couple of dirty snow remnants remain. Looks like we may get early spring, although there’e a hint of snow mid-week that could cover my yard for a couple of days. It’s too early for spring, so we probably won’t see many buds or the lawn return to green (from mud) until… the next real snow storm. It’s always, “Look! There are some buds!” followed by “Look! 6 inches of snow killing all the buds.” Oh, spring in New England – how joyous.

To celebrate the early good weather I’ve put together a spring-worthy podcast, with Martin Newell, Franz Ferdinand, the Rolling Stones, Anna Burch, the Liminanas, the James Hunter Six, Nino Ferrer, Soul Coughing, Big Star, the Beatles, Tim Buckley, Fred Neil, and Nick Drake.

This podcast is, as always, available to stream or download at brennick.net. There should be more content there, and I will try to put more things up this year. The podcast is also available to download as a podcast at your favorite podcast streamer – iTunes, Stitcher, etc. The podcast is called brennick.net. Check that out sometime. I welcome suggestions and comments, too – leave them as you will. Thanks for everything you do to encourage me.

Download here

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