Happy Presidents Day

Hmm, I did not know that “President’s Day” is actually still Washington’s Birthday (February 22 is his actual birthday). I thought they combined his with Lincoln’s birthday (February 12) – apparently not. The Federal holiday is still called Washington’s birthday, although most states have proclaimed it as President’s Day. They do not share birth months with any of the last 3 presidents, so there will be no sharing there. Clinton’s birthday is in January – too early to be counted.

Does everyone have the day off? It’s a federal holiday, but there seems to be a lot of businesses that are working. Have a good President’s Day either way.

On today’s podcast we celebrate President’s Day with a bunch of foreigners – Scotsmen, Aussies, Kiwis, and oh, there are some Americans. So listen up and take an hour to hear Colin Blunstone, Neil Finn, Grinderman, the Jesus & Mary Chain, the Pixies, Throwing Muses, Belle & Sebastian, Dusty Springfield, the Style Council, Fine Young Cannibals, Little Feat, the James Montgomery Blues Band, and Robin Tower.

This podcast is, as always, available to stream or download at brennick.net. There should be more content there, and I will try to put more things up this year. The podcast is also available to download as a podcast at your favorite podcast streamer – iTunes, Stitcher, etc. The podcast is called brennick.net. Check that out sometime. I welcome suggestions and comments, too – leave them as you will. Thanks for everything you do to encourage me.

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