It’s the start of a new year, and what a year it’s been already. Temperatures around here have been extremely cold (someone wondered, as they were looking at temperatures, if we had switched to the Celsius scale, with highs on a couple of days remaining negative). My eyeballs almost froze yesterday as I went to get the mail – need to remember to wear glasses when I go outside. We also survived a bomb cyclone – seemed like a decent snow storm to me, but I’m old and remember years getting nailed with tons of snow. There was a bit of hyperbole in the naming the storm a bomb cyclone.

Speaking of hyperbole, I think that I’d describe myself as stable, but not a stable genius. There’s one more thing that I can stop worrying about, though, having a stable genius in charge of the country. I’ll sleep much easier now.

We’ve got more music for you in 2018 – that hasn’t changed. There were some 2017 leftovers to start us off for the first podcast of 2018, with some Brazilian music tossed in and a tribute to Pat Dinizio, one of my favorite singers and composers from the Smithereens, who died last month. So during an hour , please listen to Blancmange, Gingerlys, Waxahatchee, BNQT, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Tame Impala, Primal Scream, Mosquitos, David Byrne, Bebel Gilberto, Ceu, Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy, New Order, and the Smithereens.

This podcast is available to stream or download at It’s now also available on iTunes – it’s called (couldn’t figure out how to change the name – there you go). Thank you for taking the time to stream or download this podcast, or any of the other podcasts which are all still available at the site. Please leave comments and suggestions (I do read the comments), and share this with other like-minded friends. Thank you.

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