Had our first snow yesterday. I know that I should curse the gods and think about my back, but I love the first snows of the year (as long as they’re of a reasonable amount – looks like about 3 or so inches- if it were a major snow storm…). The snow does look beautiful – makes me glad that I live in a place that has real seasons. I think I used to feel like I’d want to be in southern California, where people are battling wild fires right now, but no. give me some snow in December.

Time to find my boots and winter jacket. As I do, I’ll be listening to the podcast, which today has Christine & the Queens, Cults, the Clientele, the Rings, ZZ Top, Ohio Players, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Eurythmics, Traffic, the Band, Sharon Jones, the South Side Movement, Jr. Walker & the All-Stars, Stevie Wonder, and Don Gardner.

This podcast is available to stream or download at It’s now also available on iTunes – it’s called (couldn’t figure out how to change the name – there you go). Thank you for taking the time to stream or download this podcast, or any of the other podcasts which are all still available at the site. Please leave comments and suggestions (I do read the comments), and share this with other like-minded friends. Thank you.

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