Entering Winter

We’ve moved into the time where I drive into work in the dark and come home in the dark. The seasons don’t seem to change quickly: it is a gradual change that comes up slowly, but then once enveloped, one feels that it has always been that way. “Remember when it was 60 degrees,” stops being a sentence, and “Oh, it’s going to be cold again” becomes that statement most uttered. It has always been winter.

I kid myself that it is late summer in my body when it has become autumn. Oh, there are still warm days when I feel like it’s still summer, but it’s an Indian Summer. Like hibernating animals, I have become much bigger in preparation for winter, but there is no true hibernation, so I do not lose the weight. I have a bad upper back, but it has been surprisingly good lately. By this time I was supposed to have had surgery on my back, but it has held up and hasn’t been giving me much problem. My knee, though: “classic” osteoporosis – this will be replaced soon. I had a cortisone shot that made it better for awhile, but it’s time for another shot – oh, aging.

Let’s not think about aging today – let’s listen to music. There’s some new music sprinkled in with the music of our youth today, with World Party, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Grin, Leon Russell, Jonathan Richman, Alison Krauss, Aretha Franklin, Chairmen of the Board, Beirut, Samantha Fish, Spinning Coin, the Grateful Dead, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Laura Nyro.

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