It seems like the end of the year has become holiday heavy. Halloween has turned from a small “give some kids some candy” to a major event, with billions spent for 2-3 hours of trick-or-treating. Next up is Veteran’s Day, which has a Federal Holiday attached to it. This is a good holiday, and one in which I encourage everyone to take the time to thank veterans for their service. I’d like to thank all the people I know who have served – my father (passed away), my brother Joe, and all of my friends. It means a lot to me that you sacrificed for our country, and make no mistake, it is a sacrifice, and a way to say how much they love this country.

Next up in the holiday timeline is Thanksgiving, a time best spent with family, but also the Friday after, which is the biggest shopping day of the year. Because Thanksgiving leads to Christmas. Actually, at this point Halloween leads to Christmas. Advertising all has turned to Christmas shopping, stores are decorated for Christmas, music has begun to have that holiday feel, and we’re all turned into holiday zombies. Fight it, and remember what Christmas is supposed to be about (the Sears Wishbook? No).

Let’s celebrate the holiday season with the Five Stairsteps, Beck, Gregg Allman, Led Zeppelin, Happy Mondays, the Cult, Blue Oyster Cult, Dave Edmunds, Blondie, That Petrol Emotion, the Style Council, Los Lobos, the Blasters, and Webb Wilder.

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