Halloween has become a major holiday. When did that happen? This year is is expected that we will spend $10 billion (yes, BILLION) on costumes, candy, and other ephemera (decorations. People now go nuts putting up Halloween decorations). What caused this big shift from a night when kids went around getting candy (and apples and popcorn and pennies) to a huge industry? I couldn’t find the origins of when it became a thing (a big thing), and I’m not interested in the origins of Halloween. It’s a recent phenomenon, though. Can’t we go back to simpler times, or am I just being an old-timer crank (I’m willing to concede that I’m an old-timer crank)? Happy Halloween, fellow ghosts and goblins.

Today’s spooky podcast (not really) has tunes from Marshall Crenshaw, Lydia Loveless, Beck, Robert Forster, Dhan Harrison, Hot Chip, Souljazz Orchestra, Tricky, the Bamboos, Marina P, James Brown, Ike & Tina Turner, Mose Allison, and
Percy Mayfield.

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