Today’s my birthday. Many of you will wish me a happy birthday, some won’t. That’s fine – I don’t bat 1.000 when it’s friends’ birthdays, either. I just don’t keep that much of a social media presence. Thank you to everyone who does wish me the best today.

I won’t be doing anything special to celebrate my birthday – haven’t done that since I was small. Birthdays and many holidays just aren’t that special to me – the daily fight to be the best person I can be doesn’t need days to celebrate any specific achievement. Holidays can be spent with family and friends – and those days are always special, regardless of the reason.

So, I’ve been on this earth for 58 years – a lot has happened during that period, and I hope that a lot more will happen in the time that is remaining in my life to improve people’s lives. There’s a lot of work to be done, and I’ll try to do my part.

Today’s podcast celebrates the day of my birth with Charles Brown, Charlie Rich, Richard Thompson, John Martyn, Brian Eno, Bauhaus, Modest Mouse, the Go! Team, the Heavy, the Black Keys, Neon Indian, Everything But the Girl, the Royal We, and Memoryhouse.

This podcast is available to stream or download at It’s now also available on iTunes – it’s called (couldn’t figure out how to change the name – there you go). Thank you for taking the time to stream or download this podcast, or any of the other podcasts which are all still available at the site. Please leave comments and suggestions (I do read the comments), and share this with other like-minded friends. Thank you.

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