I think that we’re at a place in the world where we have choices to make – we either focus on that which we have in common, or we divide by that with which we disagree. I have chosen to look at what I have in common with people and avoid the areas of disagreement that I find, especially on Facebook. Fortunately, the disagreements are not of a heinous nature, but disagreements that are political, or social. Oh, like many other people with whom I disagree, I think that you are wrong or misguided, but not bad or evil. I know people think of me in the same way, and that’s ok – I’m not bad or evil, either (how could you even think that?).

Let’s focus on what is good and decent in all of us and unite as we travel through life. Life’s too short to focus on the negative – let’s stay positive (note: I’m trying to convince myself on this point. It’s hard). Believe me, the cynical part of me will return soon enough.

Staying poositive is a good way to view my selections for this week’s podcast. Let’s all get in our Kumbaya circle and listen to Procol Harum, Ride, the Chills, the Dukes of Stratusphear, the English Beat, Tom Dickie and the Desires, Joe Simon, Elvis Costello, Nilsson, Them, Ronnie Lane and Slim Chance, John Le Hooker, the Dave & Duke Combo, Hank Penny, Hank Williams, and kd lang.

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  1. Love your jam, Mr PB!! I especially enjoyed the Dukes of Stratosphear. I had never heard of them, but they sounded really familiar although I did not recognize XTC, which I have always loved. Also enjoyed hearing the Beat, Elvis Costello, Nilsson, Joe Simon and k.d. lang. I hope all is well with you. Found some solace yesterday in marching through midtown Manhattan with 400,000 equally concerned and angry fellow Citizens. Take care!

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