Jazzcast 1

Hello and welcome to my first “jazzcast”, a jazz podcast that serves as an alternative to my regular podcasts. I love jazz music – overall I probably listen to more jazz than any other genre, but my knowledge of contemporary jazz artists is not strong. This first jazzcast is dedicated to new music in 2014. How do I do it? In part by getting recommendations from Dave Sumner, who has a weblog called Bird is the Worm and has a weekly column at eMusic’s Wondering Sound page. It’s where I picked up a bunch of the music on the podcast.
The music you’ll hear comes from all around the world: Canada, Denmark, Israel, Brazil, the U.K. and even the United States. Cordame, I Think You’re Awesome, Oran Etkin, Juliana Cortes, Polar Bear and Ed Palermo are  among those artists featured today.There are many different styles played this hour, but it’s all great –  I hope you enjoy.
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