Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday morning and I am sitting on my deck, looking out at my lawn, which I spent all of yesterday working on. Whew, my wife thought that I was stopping work at noontime yesterday, but I was just taking a half-hour break before returning to work in the afternoon. I started the afternoon work by bringing up the chairs, table and umbrella to the deck, which is when my wife thought I would be stopping (again). But, no, those leaves weren’t going to rake themselves and get ready to be picked up on Monday.

Last week I talked about a lazy Sunday – today won’t be much different, probably, but it’ll be brought on by a very hardworking Saturday. Nice to know that I’ve still got it in me. My wife is worried that I work too hard after days of not a lot of physical activity, but yesterday was a test for me to see how much I could get done. I am slower than I used to be, but I still got all of the work done. My wife was also proud that I managed to do all the work. Now our lawn is starting to look good.

Of course, it’s a little chilly this morning, the sky is overcast (slight chance of showers today), but the view is nice, and the yard looks very nice, no matter whether the sun is shining down on it or not – although it’s better in the sun. But I have to sit on the deck after I put all the deck furniture out. It’s a ritual. I just won’t be at staying as long as if the weather were a little better.

Let’s all take some time to take in the reverie of our yard and listen to the Nervous Eaters, Twin Peaks, the Black Angels, Love, Tracy Nelson, Lush, P.J. Harvey, St. Vincent, Cat Power, Robyn Hitchcock, Mark Eitzel, Billy Bragg, the Divine Comedy, Lou Reed, Roxy Music, and Talking Heads.
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2 Replies to “Sunday Morning”

  1. Pat,
    Really enjoy your podcasts. Noticed that some of them (pod 105 and pod 102a) downloaded with only 3.x MB of data versus normal 14xMb (like pod106). So there’s still music…but it sounds like its coming from AM radio station from afar.


    1. Yeah, I know that (now). Should be fixed in the future. One thing that happened when moving to new computer was not seeing the degradation in sound. I knew something was funny, but did not think to trace until this week. Thanks.

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