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I decided that I wanted to share music with others and so I started recording podcasts to share with others. The podcasts are about 1 hour and will consist of ‘general’ music that I like. To share the podcasts I got a website and started a weblog called brennick.net. I haven’t seen too many podcasts that play ‘general’ music – general as opposed to genre-specific. The only one I’ve heard that I listen to consistently is Radio Free Wohlman done by Dave Wohlman. I started listening to his podcast 7 years ago, and I’ve heard every podcast he’s put out in that time at least once. I urge you to listen to his podcast.

When I was younger I used to make mix tapes for people, then moved onto putting together CD’s of music. Doing a music podcast is the next logical and technological step. The change with the podcast is that I am introducing the podcast and songs between sets in the way a DJ does on the radio.

I started out by recording two podcasts, trying to learn how to use the technology I have to build the podcast. I wanted to have a consistent opening to my podcast, and I put together a fairly complicated set with music, voice overs and sound effects. After listening to the opening countless times I decided to scrap it and have a simple introduction (for now).

After listening to the 2 podcasts I completed, I scrapped them and wondered if I would ever move forward with the project. I was still having technical problems, and I really don’t like to hear myself talk. I then sat down and really learned how to use the equipment properly and have recorded some podcasts that are much improved. There is a lot more improvement to make, but the music is excellent and the transitions between songs work very well.

My goal is to have one new podcast every week. I may also have an occasional special podcast that might be more genre-specific. I’m thinking about doing a semi-regular jazz podcast and perhaps an occasional blues podcast. I’d like to get a consistent audience for the podcasts – I’d like to have people listen and validate what I’m doing. Please listen and make comments and suggestions – I’ll be looking to improve what I do (and maybe find an intro I actually like).

Thank you for your time and ears.

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