Month: November 2021

  • Sick of Turkey

    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family on Thursday. Food was great, company fantastic, nothing (really) went amiss. The next morning at 1;30, I started to projectile vomit, and did so every ninety minutes until 6:00 AM. Thus I had the stomach flu that was going around. It started with my grandson last weekend, then […]

  • Alligators

    Just back from vacation in Hilton Head. The word of the week was alligators. We were in Hilton Head previously, ut it was at Christmastime, and it was much colder, so all of the alligators were hibernating. Not last week. We had an alligator in our back swamp (we named him Beauchamps). We also saw […]

  • Vacation!

    In 2020 Kate and I had planned our long-awaited trip to France. I was researching hotels and places to visit (beyond the obvious ones). Something happened to derail those plans – wait, I’m getting old and don’t always remember what happened… anyway, we did not go. We finally decided that we would take a vacation […]

  • Busy Times

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been very busy lately, and there’s no slowing down (relatively) in November. I attended a conference – in person! – earlier this week, have Board meetings next week along with Veteran’s Day, then am taking an actual vacation the week after that, coming back to have Thanksgiving […]