Month: October 2021

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween everyone! The weather’s been bad for trick or treating around here, but should be good tonight. Shouldn’t be too cold, wither, so Batman doesn’t have to wear a winter jacket over his costume. Let’s focus on some great music in today’s podcast, with Pokey LaFarge, David Crosby, Phoebe Bridgers, the Beatles, Elton John, […]

  • Birthday

    The world circled the sun one more time with me on the planet on Friday. I am now 62 years old. I believe as we get older we are supposed to accumulate wisdom, but I’m out of the wisdom game. I think that I was a lot smarter and wiser when I was younger (and […]

  • Concert

    I went to a concert on Thursday night – a real-life concert! It was just like the before times…well, except it took longer to get in the concert because we had to show our vaccination cards, and we had to mask up all night. But other than that – a real-life concert! We saw St. […]

  • Another Nothing Day

    Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, or as my wife calls it, another Monday with me around. Such is the life of a retiree. I won’t know what that feels like for 5 more years (not that I’m counting – do you want work days or just all days between now and when I […]

  • October

    A couple of weeks ago someone was talking about how they had planned to finish something in October. “October?” I thought, “why so late in the year?” Then Friday happened, and it’s October 1. “Oh, we are getting to the end of the year.” It’s been another long year, but the end is in sight. […]