Shot One in the Books

Tuesday, 1:00-1:10. First shot. Come on over to the bus station to get vaccinated…or words to that effect. Kate and I went over at 12:50, figuring this would be a breeze. There was some backup, but it wasn’t bad. We waited in line in our car, slowly moving around the perimeter of the parking lot. Some cars were taken out of line to park in the middle of the lot, while others stayed in line. We stayed in line. “First or second” was the main question at first. I’m not sure that we ever actually showed our confirmation – we were on their list. “Pfizer today” answered our question, “unless you’re getting the second Moderna shot.” You get what they have., and they had Pfizer that day. The cars who were separated were the Moderna second-shot people. They’d get a turn in the shot line after a bit. Everything ran smoothly.

We rolled up to the station and someone came out and gave us our shot in the car. It was quick and painless. I had no after-affects of the shot, and Kate had a headache, but not that bad. Our second shot is April 20 (4 weeks). Hopefully, it will be as smooth as the first one.

Two days later, there was a huge backup at the bus station (now clinic), as people were coming in with “plus-one’s.” Didn’t realize that it was a thing, and they certainly weren’t ready for it. I’m not sure if the system overbooked people, but I guess that it was a mess (three-hour wait times). It seemed to die down on Friday again, but we’ll keep checking to see if things operate smoothly.

Music while waiting? Of course. I told you that we were in our car. Listen to some of what we listened to that day on today’s podcast, which features these artists: Moby Grape, Robyn Hitchcock, Tami Neilson, Dusty Springfield, Bobbie Gentry, Drugdealer, Game Theory, Michael Penn, Hollie Cook, Asa, Amy Winehouse, Raphael Saadiq with Joss Stone, Kevin Morby, Angel Olsen, and Villagers.

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Vaccination Nation Station Creation

Good news (for Kate and me) – we have our vaccination scheduled for Tuesday. New Hampshire is starting to let the kids get vaccinated (well, kids = 50-64 year-olds) beginning on Monday, and we managed to get on the schedule early. I thought that it would take months, but persistence (over an hour on hold) paid off and we’re getting vaccinated.

We’re getting vaccinated three miles from our house – the local bus station has been changed over into a large clinic where they’re being dispensed. Not sure which vaccine we’re getting – heard that some have had the Johnson & Johnson one shot, but I think that it’s mostly been the Moderna vaccine, made less than ten miles from my house. There was a lady the other day who said that she had the Pzifer vaccine – she was in one of the elderly properties where I volunteered to help at a vaccination clinic (with Moderna). I might have been vaccinated there had I not gotten an appointment that was more local.

Let’s celebrate with a podcast that includes some whimsy, with these artists: Flight of the Conchords, the B-52’s, the Incredible String Band, the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Cream, Joan Armatrading, Los Lobos, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, the Replacements, Sugar, R.E.M., Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, and the O’Jays.

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Could it be…Spring

Could it actually be spring? The equinox is a week off, and yet it was really warm this week, getting to the high 60’s on Thursday. Can’t really rely on forecasts, but it’s supposed to be warm by mid-week next week (this is in New England – ymmv).

Overall the winter was pretty mild – not much snow and we didn’t get an extended period of cold days. This usually means that March sneaks up and dumps a bunch of snow and remains windy and cold. And sure, we’ve had some really windy days, but overall it’s hard to complain.

Time to enjoy this spring-like weather with a bunch of great tunes on today’s podcast, with the Beatles, the Who, Van Morrison, the Pretty Things, the Action, Django Django, TV on the Radio, the Knife, the Lazy Lies, the Cure, Kevin Coyne, Bob Dylan, John Prine, and Bruce Cockburn.

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March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I don’t know how I know this – it’s just one of those expressions that I heard when I was young and has stuck with me. This March has certainly been lion-like, if lions are very, very cold.

But are lions cold? Don’t they live on the Serengeti plain? Surprisingly, the temperatures are very pleasant in the Serengeti, with lows around 60 and highs under 80 degrees – all year round. So lions probably don’t get too cold. Really, maybe we shouldn’t use lions for the expression.

My conclusion, therefore, is that March should come in like a cold beast – say a polar bear. From now on we should say that March comes in like a polar bear and leaves like a lamb (it can still be a lamb, although we lose the alliteration). How about that?

I’m not sure that the music in today’s music is lionic – seems more lamb-like, especially the first set. Today’s artists include Moses Sumney, Joey Dosik, Norah Jones, the Band, Paul McCartney, XTC, the Charlatans UK, Paul Weller, Joe Jackson, Errol Linton, the Electric Flag, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

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