Nature – Human Nature

Hi – we went up North to do some hiking in the White Mountains National Forest. We didn’t have a set trail to walk on – we were just looking for one that wasn’t too busy. Unfortunately, thousands of people descended on the White Mountains National Forest as well. We couldn’t find a place to park either in the parking lot or along the road, so we gave up after a while. It’s good that people are getting out, but we’re worried about too many people together walking on the trails. Be safe and wear a mask.

Lots of new music to share with you today – 5 new releases and 3 from last year. Whew – so much new. Let’s give a listen to Stereolab, Brix Smith, Phoebe Bridgers, Jessie Ware, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Richard Thompson, Jimmie Vaughan, Coco Montoya, the Cash Box Kings, Luke Winslow-King, the Love Language, the Essex Green, and Christine & the Queens.

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