Hey, what’s on everyone’s mind this week? How ’bout them Red Sox? Of course, the craze that’s sweeping the nation (and the world) is the Coronavirus. Don’t know where anyone stands on the severity of the crisis, but I’d say that the best course of action is to err on the side of caution. Pretty easy to do, for the most part. Personally, I don’t plan on leaving the house today. Sunday is usually our shopping day, but we went out and did not use social distancing at the grocery store on Saturday. Apparently, the entire town decided to visit the store when it first opened (that was my idea – how did everyone else have the same idea as me?), so we were in a line to check out that was wrapped halfway around the store. We all visited and talked – not social distancing. We did all feel like a true community, though. The store, for the most part, was still well-stocked. Paper products were wiped out, but most other food (but not frozen pizzas) were ok.

Toilet paper, you ask? We had purchased toilet paper last week, before the mass hysteria, and got lucky that a local store had just received some yesterday so we picked up another set, which hopefully will last until stores can re-stock. We also know regular hoarders of food and paper goods, and we can set up some sort of dead drop (can’t interact in-person) to get some goods if everything gets worse. Be careful, my friends.

Hey, nothing goes with social distancing better than music. On today’s podcast, we look at love ( and it’s opposite – I haven’t gotten soft in my old age), with songs from Simple Minds, the Cure, Syd Barrett, Marianne Faithful, Public Image Limited, Betty Davis, Charlie Chesterman, Donovan, Stephen Stills, the Beckies, Elton John, Mekons, the Posies, and Erasure.

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