Maybe it’s the time of year, but I’ve fallen into a little rut. I generally think that routine is a good thing, but lately – I don’t know. I think of myself as being a very steady person, to the point of now being boring. That’s usually ok for me, but I need something to shake it up a bit. We’re seeing the baby next week, so maybe that’ll do it. I’ll just have to stay content (and boring) for now.

This week we’re all over the place with music, including starting with two songs from concerts I have attended. So let’s listen to Little Feat, My Morning Jacket, Bessie Banks, Rod Stewart, the Classics IV, the Left Banke, Aretha Franklin, Dee Dee Warwick, ESG, Paul Simon, the Staple Singers, Bonnie Raitt, Shelby Lynne, 10,00 Maniacs, and Kristy MacColl.

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