Let’s see, anything happen in the last week? Nope…well, as many of you know, I became a grandfather this week. Owen Patrick Brennick was born on Tuesday, December 10 at 10:00 PM. He was 8 lbs, 2 oz, and 22 inches in length. He’s a happy, healthy little boy, and I can’t tell you how excited Kate and I were. We’ve been getting congratulations all week (even though we didn’t have all that much to do with it). We went down to see the family on Wednesday and will be back today (and we’ll keep going until they tell us to stay away).

Today’s podcast is themed – we start with the dirty before cleaning up in the end, so listen along with Steely Dan, Samantha Fox, Frank Zappa, the Standells, Little Milton, Coco Montoya, Luther Allison, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bruce Wooley & the Camera Club, the Dream Syndicate, the Jam, Holly Golightly, Camera Obscura, Tower of Power, and Van Morrison.

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