Carefree Day

Looks like a beautiful day today, same as or maybe even better than yesterday. Not a lot on the old to-do list today (well, there is, but we’ll avoid that for now). Should be a great one. Maybe a bit of deck time, relaxing and thinking about….nothing.

This is one of those “why we live in New England” weekends. Kate’s always complaining about the bad winters and non-existent springs, but when a weekend like this appears, she says, “this is why we live in New England.” I don’t mind the cold, but I’m not a fan of the non-existent spring. I don’t like it when it gets real hot and humid. There may be some trouble brewin’ at retirement time (still a ways away for me).

How to relax on this carefree day? Try this hour of music, which features the Pentangle, Creedence Clearwater Revival, My Morning Jacket, St. Vincent, the Bangles, Quantic, Real Estate, Gorillaz, the Shocking Blue, the Ghosts of a Sabre-Tooth Tiger, the Connells, James Carr, Concrete Blonde, Jessie Colin Young, and Elvis Costello.

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