Tax Day

Tax Day is coming up – hope everyone has filed. I do my taxes fairly early, and since I usually pay in, I file at the last possible minute. I try to make sure that I don’t pay in  a lot, but why let the government have your money for free? Sure, getting money back is always fun, but it just means that you put extra money in that was held for you without you getting any interest on the account. 

Because of Patriot’s Day (no, Massachusetts isn’t celebrating the football team), we get an extra day to file taxes. That won’t happen again for a few years, as the 15th will be on a Wednesday next year, which will be the week before Patriot’s Day in 2020. Tax Day being close to when the Revolutionary War started is…something.

Let’s avoid taxes by listening to music (or preparing your taxes, or shipping them off) with Gene Clark, the Lovin’ Spoonful, Stephen Stills, Spirit, Paul Weller, the Action, Ocean Colour Scene, the Charlatans, David Byrne, Fleetwood Mac, the Chills, Split Enz, the Go-Betweens, Little Feat, and the Kinks.

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